Someone posted a link about the Singapore Government chasing down Feng Shui masters for refund on their work for the Singapore Flyer (ferris wheel) in my Facebook page.

This is scary for people in the Feng Shui ecosystem (if not egosystem).  But I have doubt about the authenticity of this article for 2 simple reasons:

1. Singapore Government is one of the few smart governments left in this world.  For sure they would have caught the Feng Shui masters or at the least, frozen their bank accounts.

2. Anyone with half a brain will know that Feng Shui is only part of the equation for personal or business successes.

“First fate, second luck, third Feng Shui, fourth good deeds, fifth study, ……..”   is the famous Chinese saying on the ranking of important attributes of destiny.  Feng Shui is ranked number three only.

Economic forecasters do not guarantee results.  Business consultants do not guarantee successes.  Even weather forecasters with advanced equipment like doppler radar cannot guarantee accurate forecast.  How can one expect a few Feng Shui audits or designs to replace marketing research/ planning and management practices?

Can Feng Shui handle changing business environment, physical environment (Feng Shui) and competitions? Local Singaporeans figure these factors out without blaming Feng Shui.

Thanks to this “Feng Shui lynching” article, it gives me a new revenue idea for our hardworking (and maybe starving) Feng Shui folks –we can offer “Feng Shui pinata” service for professionals in marketing and management.

Ken, are you kidding?  You mean clients can beat us up when their business sucks?”

Kind of.  We offer the service to be the “fall guy” of business people’s marketing or management flops.  So they can blame their failures on Feng Shui and keep their jobs.  If their business is a great success, they can keep all the glory to themselves and mention nothing about the Feng Shui work done.

If you offer this “Feng Shui pinata” service, please send 10% royalty to Ken Lai’s PayPal account or any charity of your choice.

Ken Lai

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