A few years ago, I put my surplus “wealth cat” figurine, a relic from my old retail business,  in the NE window of my house.

In terms of  Feng Shui’s 24 mountains (directions), cat is “yin” and it is put in the NE side.

The NE side of my house is my left side neighbor Vic’s SW side.  He has a SW window facing my NE window.  He saw this strange looking cat statue staring and waving its paw towards his house and felt threatened.  He knows that I teach metaphysics and wondered if I tried to voodoo him.

So he put up a  triangular “777” sticker on his SW windows to deflect my wealth cat energy.  I guess “7” is considered lucky number in western thought.  You hit the jackpot when you get “7-7-7” in a slot machine.

However, “7” is not a lucky number in traditional Chinese thought.  The Chinese count the period or unit of one’s passing in terms of 7 days like the “first seventh” refers to the first 7 days after one’s death. The 49 days after death is the “last seventh” which marks the day the departed goes to heaven or hell.

But to me, “777” can be interpreted as hitting the jackpot which is great.  In terms of Yi-jing, I can also see “777” as a “Ming ” or “immaturity” hexagram, which is an accurate reflection of reality:  two “old” teenagers goofing around.

Last year (2013),  San Sha (“3-killings”) negative energy were in yin, mao and chen mountains (directions) .  I had removed the wealth cat and put a pair of Ki-lun figurines there to fix San Sha.

Vic saw two new monsters replacing the fat cat and panicked.  He had responded with putting two cat figurines,  a tile with a heart drawn on it and a “444” sticker on top of the original “777”. Who the hell did he get the ideas from?  I had laughed my head off when I saw this hodgepodge of objects and numbers.

Chinese dislike the number 4 because “4” sounds like “death”.  But I see “444” as a different number without 4 with some mental twists.

“444” over “777” forms the “Heng 恆” or  consistency” hexagram with Yi-jing.  It means old habits do not hurt but could be changed for the better.

With two cats sitting on SW side of the house, it will dampen his wife’s grip on him (Do you know why?).  Vic at least gets some benefits out of this accidental Feng Shui battle.

Vic and me are both metal daymasters.  Cat is classified as wood in terms of elemental nature in Chinese metaphysics. Wood is the wealth element to a metal daymaster.  But wood is my favorable element but unfavorable to Vic because he is a weak daymaster (please refer to my previous blog on wealth potential).  So his cat figurines will not affect me or even bring me some money but may drive him to overspend or lose some wealth opportunities.

I will give him a Feng Shui talk when my lawn needs mowing.  He had traded a few rounds of lawn mowing for metaphysics advice with me before (Ken note: Yes, the lest that you can get for taking my courses is to trade the knowledge for lawn-mowing service).

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Ken Lai

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