On April 16,  I was saddened by the news of the South Korean Ferry disaster and wondered if it has any correlation to the metaphysical properties of the date.   I had written the following message to my “Practical Date-Selection Methods” discussion list:

This ferry took off at April 15, around 9 pm.

I ran a date-selection program which gives results from different traditional Chinese date-selection methods.  It is about 50% for and 50% against traveling in April 15 . (see enclosed pix if you can read Chinese).

But out of the numerous results from this Chinese program, three pieces of data are most relevant:

1. The Purple White Star of the day is 5-yellow disaster star and the likely sailing hour is 2-black sickness star bing-xu hour.  Combination of 5-yellow and 2-black is the worst combination in Purple White Star Astrology.

2. One of the month San-sha locations is south. The ferry had sailed towards south from north. Year San-sha is in the north.

3. The date is a Wu-chen month, bing-chen day, sailing hour likely was wu-xu hour (9 pm).  Chen-dragon clashes Xu-dog.  So the hour clashed both the month and day.

I ran Qi-Men-Dun-Jia day pan for the day, south has Shang-gate (hurt) with bing-ren (heaven and earth pans fighting). It is not the worst direction for the chart. SE palace has xin-yi (white tiger) was the worst direction. I wonder if the ferry was off-course to SE.

Anyway, from this unfortunate case, we can see that choosing the right date-selection method is also based on your luck (for choosing the “right” method).  But it seems basic traditional stuff like purple white star and San-sha, 5-yellow and the date breakers, are still your best bet. You don’t really need fancy methods.

Now let’s pray for miracles for the missing passengers in that ferry.

Ken Lai