After figuring out the wealth potential of his 4P birth chart,  a new student of my “4P Bootcamp” wrote:

“Realizing that my chart doesn’t have much wealth in it has been a big relief.  It’s allowed me to break my attachment to thinking that I should be attaining, or measuring up to my preconceived idea.  It’s been a relief to let go of the goal/judgement, and just focus on the cultivation, intention and effort of the moment.”

This is real positive thinking at its best.  It obliterates the need to take any motivational seminars or buy any self-help books.  It will save him tons of money too.

However, a 4P chart with few or no wealth elements does not necessarily imply the chart-owner (daymaster) will be poor or wealth-deprived.

To honor this student with this refreshing attitude, I hereby “spill some beans” about wealth element in 4P/ Bazi.  Of course, you can read the whole thing in my “4P Bootcamp” manual and videos (Note:  one of the secrets of wealth is to get people buying your courses).

It is a common misconception that the more wealth elements a 4P chart has, the richer will be the person.

The number of elements in your natal 4P chart shows only potential for wealth and not certainty to get wealth.  Luck periods, especially 10-years luck, affect one’s wealth potential greatly too.

A chart with strong or numerous wealth elements (2+) can be a poor person if the daymaster is weak. This is called “poor person living in a grand mansion“.  He could be a servant in the mansion or a teller in a bank.  He will get even poorer when wealth luck period comes.  This is called “weak daymaster cannot handle wealth”.  His wealth luck will soar when running into peer luck (bi-jian) periods because his daymaster becomes strong (and has the energy to pick up the wealth).

A chart with few or no wealth elements (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) may get wealth when the daymaster runs into 10-years and annual wealth luck periods for strong daymaster and peer luck periods for weak daymaster.  However, to make meaningful or substantial wealth, one needs to have at least a 10-years wealth luck period and preferably two consecutive 10-years wealth luck period.  Annual wealth luck will be likely “money-comes-money-goes” scenarios.

There are more finer points about wealth potentials, like charts with strong daymaster and few wealth elements are likely to jinx wife and father, weak daymasters with numerous wealth may be beaten up by wives and who can or cannot keep the wealth………

Ken Lai

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