A Hong Kong celebrity Feng Shui Master Zheng went to China for a Yin Feng Shui reburial job in March 30 (Geng-zi day) 2014,  A rare “black rain” thunderstorm came causing mudslide in the cemetery and buried him and 6 others alive.

The incident happened when they lowered the coffin to the grave. Due to custom, women were requested to stay away and thus no female died.

Geng-zi day is a year-breaker day. (zi clashes wu-year). In addition, the date  fan-yin (clashing) Grand Duke Jia Wu from head to toe.  The wrath of Grand Duke is horrific– 6 deaths and one injured.

Check out this video even though it is in Cantonese dialect:


You may ask:  a famous Feng Shui master should have known a breaker date is not a good day to do important tasks, especially a reburial.

However, there are date-selection systems that do not care about traditional inauspicious or taboo dates like year breaker, San Sha and etc.,  like QMDJ and Gui-Gu-Zi methods.  Master Zheng might be using something like that because it is inconceivable to do a reburial without doing a date-selection to avoid clashing the deceased and the living. 

This is why I always remind my students to stay away from traditional inauspicious dates even the date-selection  system that they employ does not care about these taboos.  Besides,  some clients may have general knowledge of these taboo dates and question them if they use those dates.  

In 2007, the 35W Bridge in Minnesota also had collapsed in a breaker day.

Do not do anything important or potentially changing destiny of someone during an inauspicious date. 

RIP Master Zheng

Ken Lai