In China, when we pay our annual homage to the Annual Grand Duke (值年太歲) in a temple, we also pray to our “Personal Grand Duke” (本命元神) for blessing and safety.

Annual Grand Duke is the ruler of the year and changes every year.  It is similar to the “annual luck” of everyone’s 4-Pillars chart.

Personal Grand Duke” is the Grand Duke on duty when a person was born.  For example,  people who were born in 1954 or 2014 (Jia-wu year) have the same Personal Grand Duke Zhang Ci. Zhang Ci is the “Personal Grand Duke” of these people for the rest of their life.

Why do we need to keep our “Personal Grand Duke” happy?Because he is in charge of our physical well-being and life expectancy.  Personal Grand Duke is similar to the western notion of personal guardian angel.

There are elaborate rituals for worshiping  Personal Grand Duke  to enhance personal safety, health, wealth luck, neutralize disasters. Here I give you an ultra simple way to solicit help from your own Personal Grand Duke — simply recite the name of your Personal Grand Duke when you are in trouble, fear, difficult situation or danger.  The names of 60 Grand Dukes are posted below (click to enlarge).  Find the name of your Personal Grand Duke and remember it by heart or tattoo it onto your palm.

To keep things simple, I only list which animal sign clashes or violates Annual Grand Duke in previous blog message.  In reality, it is more complicated than that.  For example, if your 4P chart has zi (mouse) branch in pillar other than the year pillar, you are also clashing Grand Duke!  If month pillar clashes Grand Duke, your parents may be in danger.  If day pillar clashes Grand Duke, you or your spouse may have problem (divorce, sickness, injury or even death).  So some people play it safe and get Grand Duke talismans  for their whole family every year (please read previous blog on how to get your Grand Duke talismans). For example,  Joyce of Philippines, who has also requested talismans in 2013 and write again:

We kindly request for this year’s talisman for our growing  family I believe we had a good 2013 and look forward to a wonderful 2014

1 – House
2  – Joyce 
3 – Dominga  – mother
4 – Jonathan – brother
5 – Jonine  – sister
6 – Jonas – future brother in law…”

Here is an interesting response from a QMDJ student who has purchased one in 2013:

“Well, the end of the year is coming.  My wife Mary surprised me when she asked about the talisman I purchased last year.  She noticed that 2013 was a good year for us despite many 2013 predictions. And many friends and relatives have not had such a good year.  I found your article from a while ago, and went to Heifer International to donate two starter hives of bees.  It is a small thing.  My father, my uncles and my grandfather were bee keepers.  Some of my earliest memories are when daddy would take me and my brother to the bee yard in the spring as he woke up the bees.  So we played with the bees and learned to understand the songs of the bees.  And as in Qi-Men-Dun-Jia, we learnt from the bees about their paths. It is a wondrous thing for a small boy to stand in the flight path of hundreds of bees on a sunny spring day as they go out to the flowers and then return.  

So I ask if you could find two talismans for us.  I work in the Government Center, a most back stabbing place and not a place for a farm boy but that is my karma in this life.  My wife and I dream of moving to the farm and starting a vineyard and maybe a winery but it takes money to do that.”  

Interesting analogy between bee dances and QMDJ formation!  Maybe one day you will build a farm with QMDJ principles.

Ken Lai

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