This is a “green” article recycled from last year with updates.  If you are darn lazy, just read the following picture and go back to your nap.

2014 is Jia-wu or year of Wood-horse.  Horse is fire in nature in the Chinese zodiac. So this year is strong in fire energy with wood as energy source.  Any idiot Chinese astrologer is able to predict there will be many forest fire, explosions and fire related disasters.   2013 Gui-si year (water-snake, snake is fire in nature) is characterized by both flooding and fire disasters.

We use the annual Feng Shui chart to evaluate the yearly movements of Feng Shui energies. This chart is based on Purple White Method which holds that 1,6, 8 and 9-star locations are auspicious. 2-black sickness and 5-yellow disaster star locations are inauspicious.

San-sha (3-killings) is in Hai, Zi and Chou mountains (North) this year.  5-yellow disaster star is in Northwest.  So Hai mountain (NWN) has 5-yellow overlapping there.  Avoid construction or digging there at all cost.  You don’t want to piss off San-sha and 5-yellow at the same time.

It is OK to face San Sha direction but NOT sit on them. Traditional fix for San Sha is a pair of ki-lun figurines. But if you cannot get or afford ki-lun, you may use a sword-waving archangel St. Michael figurine or picture instead.  Fix for 5-yellow is metal or coin-salt solution.

Tai Sui or Grand Duke is at Wu mountain or the South. Avoid movements or put up a Grand Duke talisman if your door sits in the south side (check next blog on how to get the talisman).  It is auspicious to sit with Grand Duke at your back but NOT facing him.  Sui-po or year-breaker is at Zi (N) mountain. Avoid movements, digging, drilling and constructions in these locations.

Minimalist Feng Shui”  here fixes only 2-5, 5-5, and 9-5 star combinations in regions with activities.  You don’t need to put up remedies or Feng Shui monsters in all 9-palaces of your house, especially in region of no activity like storage room and guest room.

Yang nobleman sign for this year is Wei (ram).  Yin nobleman is Chou (ox).

You should do a good date-selection if you need to do construction in any of the above locations (mountains/ palace) or better doing it before end of the current year (before Feb. 4, 2014).

People with rat and horse zodiac sign should avoid seeing corpse being put into a coffin or burial for this year.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ken Lai

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