Oh!  Monday again.  But I hope the following photo story will make your day.

The following story was reported on Oct. 25 (2013) in a Chinese blog.  A young couple travels to the Shinjang, the Northwest part of China.  They had stopped by a windmill generators areas to take some photos.

While taking a photo, a little white animal ran towards the couple.  They thought it was a cat because it is pretty small.

It is a white dog and looks skinny but friendly to the couple.  From the body shape,  “she” is a nursing mother dog!   The couple feel sorry for her weak physical state.
           After walking along a few minutes, mother dog ran away from the couple.
Mother dog ran a few meters and then turned around to see if the couple follow her. She then wagged her tail as if signaling the couple something.  She had repeated this ran and wagged actions a few times.
She ran toward the wood.  The couple suddenly realized that the dog may want to show them something inside the wood.
    The couple followed the white dog into the wood.
Mother dog showed them her litter of puppies hidden in the wood!
These puppies seemed to have not seen any human being before.  They were scared.
Mother dog comforted and reassured her puppies.
The couple thought that snow season will come soon and these puppies will perish if they do not act.  They also thought that the mother dog seek their help to care for the puppies.
The puppies ran around to escape being picked up by the couple and their friend.  Surprisingly, mother dog did not stop the couple from picking up her puppies.
It took them over an hour to catch all the puppies.  “I love a man holding a puppy“.  The wife wrote.
The wife use a jacket to improvise a bag to hold the puppies.
3 puppies in the bag.  More to come!
5 lovely puppies in the bag!
Mother dog had watched the couple picking up her puppies without making a noise.  It seemed she trusts the couple to handle her puppies.
Suddenly, mother dog laid down, as if she felt relieved that the puppies are taken care of.
Let’s pick up the mother too or we will need a cow. She looks at ease right now.
The good Samaritans took the dog family to their car.
Mother dog was very thirsty.  She drank half a bottle of water.
A nice folk gave the couple a box to carry the dog family.
4 + 1 puppies– how lovely!
“Sit tight!  Car is moving.  Have a happy ride.”
They went to a restaurant and fed mother dog a cake.  She is too weak and hungry to eat meat at least for a few days.
The puppies had drawn some admirers!
And more admirers.
Mother dog watched over and fed the puppies at the same time.
Take a walk and water break at a rest area.
Your puppies are still here.”
Smiling puppy?
More smiling puppies!
POSTSCRIPT:  The original title of this blog photo essay is “Happenstance:  Great touching maternal love of a mother dog” (奇遇记:狗妈伟大的母爱触动心灵).  It solicits help for the transportation and placement of these puppies.  Readers have offered suggestions and adoption proposals.  Most are happy to see mother dog and her puppies saved from winter snow and  their notorious dog-eating countrymen.
A homeless dog coming into one’s family is considered as “good for wealth” luck by the Chinese.  However, the opposite is for homeless cat.  But being a cat is safer than being a dog because cat is not eaten as often as dog by the Chinese.  You win some and lose some.
May all homeless pets are as fortunate as this dog family.
Ken Lai
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