In my 2007 blog article “Feng Shui Hammer and Xuan Kong Flying Stars“, I had written:

If you give a kid a hammer, pretty soon he will try to do everything with a hammer…In the Feng Shui world today, the Feng Shui hammer is Xuan Kong Flying Stars (Feng Shui). To some people, XK Feng Shui is the universal key to any Feng Shui problem.”

Six years later, I have discovered a new trend for another version of “Feng Shui Hammer” that is not restricted to one Feng Shui school or method.

This “hammer” generalizes the Feng Shui remedy of door-tilting to different aspects of Feng Shui. I call this method “tilt-O-matic” because its core method is tilting anything towards the so-called “auspicious qi” or angle.

Door-tilting itself is no major secret and easy to understand– if your door sits on an inauspicious angle, you tilt it to the nearest available auspicious angle.  Ideally the nearest angle to the current one will match the requirements for as many Feng Shui methods (like Bazhai, San-He, XKDG and etc.) as possible.

In certain southeastern Asian countries where large population of ethnic Chinese reside, you can see tilted doors easily.  My Feng Shui pals in these countries told me that door-tilting is almost a must in any Feng Shui audit or your clients will think they don’t get their money’s worth.

The next derivative from door-tilting is stove-tilting, used mainly in Bazhai Feng Shui.

Some inventive folks out there bring out the “tilt-around-the-house” motto and generalize this method to tilt balcony doors, sliding doors, apartment doors, doors inside a house or office or even tilt a balcony– applying tilting to whatever Feng Shui methods like Flying Star, XKDG and the like.

Their next top secret invention probably will be tilting house windows and maybe even garden walls. I guess toilet seat, fridge door, bath tub and water basin are all fair games for them.

Ken, how valid is this tilting approach?”

I don’t know when I do not get paid to answer or argue for controversial topics like this one. But I can tell you that when I visit many ancient towns and villages in China, including the emperor’s home (Forbidden City), I have not seen a tilted door yet.

I have seen tilted doors that were done in the last 10- 20 years in China and Hong Kong.

Chinese Feng Shui emphasizes balance and symmetry.  Anything tilted will disrupt the balance state.  Tilting does not seem to match these basic Feng Shui principles.

In Feng Shui, main door represent the mouth of a house.  A tilted door is like a person with a crooked mouth.  It is the “form” for stroke resulting in a crooked mouth.

There are teachers who swear by the tilted door remedy and also the ones who are apprehensive of door-tilting.  My own sifu are mostly against using it for aesthetic and safety reasons.  Non-residential buildings probably can have tilted doors because people do not stay there longer than 8- 10 hours and likely are moving around.  My sifu do not recommend tilting door for residential properties because people sleep there at night and absorb whatever qi coming in.

On a psychological level, a tilted door is a constant reminder to the residents that “this is an auspicious door that will bring me good luck“.  This daily positive affirmation will enhance the intention power of the residents to make things “happen“.

“Ken, do you do door-tilting Feng Shui remedy?”

Yes,  I do “green tilting” that does no damage to the wall or environment and does not need a carpenter.  However,  I do it only when there is no alternative.

“Can you elaborate?  Does it work?”

Sorry, I cannot elaborate. This is a little secret in my school. Somehow it works too.

Ken Lai

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