5-yellow disaster star is at the southeast for the 2012.  One should avoid movements in location with negative stars like 5-yellow.  My main door and garage door face southeast.  So I keep my fingers crossed….

Not much happen throughout the year until last November and early December, when the month star 4-green wood is at the center and 3-jade wood star in southeast.  Within a few weeks, the torsion spring of my garage door broke, followed by the lock of my front door and garage door opener.  All are door and metal-related problems. I guess strong wood energy in November had cracked metal which was drained by 5-yellow earth.

I have lost a small fortune for all the door and lock repairs.  This is called “fending off major disasters with losing wealth“.

Today while I put up a flood light for my driveway,  my neighbor Gary asked, ” Ken, you have put up a surveillance camera last month and then changed your door lock.  What do you put up this time?  What happens?  My luck sucks lately.  Your cousin told me that you can put a curse on me because you got my birth date. Do you put a curse on me? ”

I have laughed my head off and replied,

“Pal,  I bought the surveillance camera because of the Thanksgiving sale.  My door lock had broken, my garage door torsion spring and opener were broken because the disaster star is at my door direction.  Your luck is down probably because you have the same door direction.  I am too lazy to put a curse on you.”

“I have burnt native American sage around my house.  I have meditated and created a bubble surrounding my house.  So no negative energy can go through and hurt me!”  Gary said.

“Don’t worry, it hurts me more if I put out curses.  Besides, I had forgotten your birth date.”  Said I.

I had read Gary’s 4P chart when he had lost his job last year and given him some metaphysical tricks to find another job.  He found a new job within a few months but did not bother to tell me.  And I had worried about him and his family for another 6 months until I heard from another neighbor that he is working.  Same thing happened to me with another “formerly” unemployed neighbor.

Well, at least they had mowed my lawn and shuffled snow for me in return……

Darn!  How come he knows I have changed my door lock?  I do it myself and I think no one had watched.

Your big neighbors always watch!

Happy New Year!

Ken Lai

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