Recently a student wants to know if my “4-Pillars Bootcamp+” course covers “life expectancy” topic.

Here is my answer, “The topic is not covered directly. It is hidden under the chapter on health and sickness.  I
don’t want students to scare people predicting when they will die.  A few weeks ago I have written about how modern technology screws up Bazi’s/4P predictions of death in the 4P-Bootcamp discussion list.  Many sickness that were once not curable 40- 50 years ago are now ‘easy fixes'”.

The student has replied, “But let me be more precise what I’m looking for. In the book ‘Sanming Tonghui’  book 7, the chapter 4 is about: ‘analysis of long lives and early deaths’. I saw that referenced in another book, but I neither have that ancient book nor could I read it as it is in Chinese. Do you maybe have that translated somewhere ? Or the approach referenced or explained ?” (Note: “San-ming Tong-hui” is a 4P classic written in Ming Dynasty or 1700’s)

I have checked this ancient book.  It has only a few pages on the topic.  The author had referenced other books of the time (1700’s) using non-standard methods such as na-yin of the year pillar.  No wonder it is not referenced much in modern 4P literature because it is not logical.

4P view of long life and few sickness is pretty simple:  When a 4P chart has all the five elements and the flow of qi is smooth, the person will likely live a long life.  Of course, this does not take into consideration the effects of karma debts and other factors like geographical locations, which may explain why people with the same birthday live different destiny and died earlier or later.

People with lots of clashes and penalties in their 4P charts are likely to die prematurely.  People with strong day-masters are likely to die outdoor (accidents) and weak day-masters are likely to die indoor (sickness).

This student wrote back. “I’d be interested not in an event based ‘when which things will happen’ approach but in addition to that something more to the point of life expectancy.

In the last few years I had 2 friends who survived a heart attack due to modern emergency medicine. However, 3 month later they died from a completely different, but terminal disease.

Another friend also had a heart attack with temporary death and already survived for a long time.

I believe that the length of life is somehow predetermined and if it is your time to go, it is your time to go. You can only extend it by a rather small time (like the first 2 friends I’m referring to)

Yes, when it is your time to go, you can’t escape.  There are many stories in Buddhist literature about people who were supposed to die young but not– because of the good deeds they have done.

If you can share with me as a bonus how to at least roughly determine the life expectancy, that would be much appreciated ?” The student asked.

This is probably not necessary.  Life expectancy is the underlying implication on every 4p reading.  You just look for years when “things” will happen.  This includes death.  But a responsible 4P reader will not say “death” but “hurdle” or “major obstacle in life”.  So as not to incapacitate or scare the client to death and make it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.  After all, 4P is not 100% accurate (or it is a science and not metaphysics).  A good 4P reader is to make negative predictions “inaccurate” by steering his clients away from the energies that will make negative predictions happen (this is what my “Destiny and Luck Management” course does mostly).

Birth chart is like your “pre-heaven” blueprint that may not necessarily materialized completely as planned.  4P reader has no control on what you will do with your life (and affects the original blueprint).

Years ago I had a strange business idea of advising life insurance companies to examine insurance policies based on 4P check of likelihood to die young. They will take only people who will be likely to live long and rarely get sick, so that the company can offer good pricing to them.  But this is “discrimination” and cannot be practiced in USA.

I would like to quote a famous Chinese saying to end this discussion:

How can one understand death when living is still a mystery?” (, )

Ken Lai

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