As a Bazi or 4-pillars teacher, I am in the uncanny position of becoming the unofficial Bazi examiner of some students’ potential marriage partners.

After years of reading 4P charts of students’ potential target spouses, I have discovered a pattern– people are consistently attracted or be attracted to people with certain 4P elements, even before they know anything about the other party other than physical attraction to begin with.

For example, a male students keeps attracting to woman with strong resources (Zheng-yin/ pian-yin) or output (Shang-guan/ shi-shen) elements.  Woman with strong resources will drain or jinx the husband element to death.  Woman with strong output elements will behave like a princess and drive her husband crazy.

As a teacher with “good intention“, I keep warning this student not to take the plunge.

One day, after reading another 4P chart of his latest “encounter“, a beam of enlightenment struck my head.

Oh!  I am disrupting his destiny.  All he can get are women with strong resources and outputs.  Advising him not to take this category of women means he will never get married at all.  I am preventing someone to be born and someone to be a mother (and likely someone not able to collect their karma debts).”  My mind told me.

So, as a responsible teacher, I wrote the student,

“I guess you may have to keep your zipper zipped or wife-less if you keep checking their 4P charts.  Your frigging qi  attracts these type of girls.  JUST DO IT.”  

Ken Lai

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