I do quick 4-Pillars readings for my friends and students when they run into crisis, new girl friends or simply some interesting or difficult charts.

Late last year a friend had emailed me a male chart with no specific questions. The chart has self-penalty, day and luck pillar battling (fan-yin) and potential 3-penalties.  I told her that the chart owner is likely to have major events happen.

A few weeks later, this friend told me the chart belongs to her dog.  It had died of kidney failure in a jia-yin day.  The day branch yin formed a si-shen-yin 3-penalties with the rest of the dog’s natal chart.

Last April (Jia-chen month) another friend had emailed me this male chart and asked what would happen to the chart owner.

  • Y: ding-hai  (2007)
  • M: xin-hai
  • D: ding-wei
  • H: missing info

Current 10-year luck: geng-xu
Annual luck: ren-chen  (2012)
Current month: jia-chen  (April 2012)

There were numerous clashes and penalties in this chart:

  • hai-hai self-penalty
  • chen-chen self-penalty
  • chen-xu clash
  • 10-year luck battles current month
  • likely to have xu-chou-wei 3-penalties, activated by chen clashing xu

When a chart has numerous clashes and penalties going on, serious injury or accident is likely to happen.  Death may occur if the hour pillar is a chou or somehow a chou gets into the system to form a complete 3-penalties with clashing by Grand Duke (chen for current year). I had predicted possible head or limbs injury.

This friend had emailed me later that the male chart belongs to his race horse!  It had broken one of his legs during a race in April and was euthanized on the spot (likely a shot at the head).  He was so sad that he had arranged several monks to perform a Buddhist reincarnation ritual for the deceased horse.

I had done Bazi reading for cats before but not dog and horse.  Why Bazi reading is also applicable to animals?  The basic premise of Bazi is that all living things are supported and affected by the five element energies of water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  When one is not affected by these 5-element energies, one is either dead or becomes an immortal.

Animals are also affected by the same energies and hence Bazi reading will also be applicable — with some minor modifications due to the variations of gestation period and life expectancy.

Pet Bazi“?  Why not?  It is good for the economy.  People are more generous with their pets than themselves sometimes.

Ken Lai

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