The basic principle of Bazi or 4-Pillars is balance– if the day-master of a person is strong, we try to weaken it and strengthen it if it is weak.  So the question of weight loss is also based on the strength of the day-master.

In other words, people with day-master that is on the strong side are suitable to do weight loss.  It will improve their luck and get better weight control results.

People who have balanced day-master, regardless of body weight, are not suitable to do any weight loss.

People whose day-master are on the weak side should not do weight loss or their luck will slide.  They are also likely to regain the lost weight and wasting their weight-control expenses.

Here is a summary:

Strong                               suitable to do
Weak                                 not suitable
Balanced                           not suitable
Extreme strong                 not suitable
Extreme weak                   suitable

In terms of 4P charts, women with “Shi-shen” (-output or “eating god” ) profile chart (shi-shen in month branch) are likely to have a “full” figure, especially those without resource (zheng-yin/pian-yin) elements to control the shi-shen or “eating god”. 

Zheng-cai stands for wealth and wife for man in Bazi.  If a man’s wife is doing weight loss, she can possibly hurt his wealth luck!  Some of you here should thank me for giving you a great reason to keep on eating.

If you do not understand these Bazi terms, you may take my “4-Pillars Bootcamp” video course. If your cannot afford the course,  you may use the below to determine if you have a strong or weak day-master:

You are likely to have a strong day-master if you
—  like to work by yourself and not in teams
—  are decisive
—  are opinionated
— have people like to borrow your money but not repaying you

You are likely to have a weak day-master if you
—  like to work with others
—  are indecisive or hesitate a lot
—  like to procrastinate
—  easily follow/agree with others

Ken Lai

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