I have visited a retail outlet of a prolific Feng Shui writer and master in Hong Kong.  This outlet showcases his luopans and Feng Shui remedies like Kilun, bagua, ethnic cures and the likes.

When I entered this Feng Shui center, the salesmen there had a heated argument with two customers who looked and sounded like from out of town. Both side repeated the same arguments again and again and emotion was getting high.

The customers had complained the luopan that they bought from this center is inaccurate and off by 2 degrees when benchmarking it with their friend’s luopan.

The salesman said that he has already exchanged a better model for him.

The customers said the “better model” is also off by two degrees with their friend’s luopan as benchmark.  They said they are not satisfied with the quality of the luopan products in this center.  They want their money back.

In Hong Kong and most Asian countries, refund for a product is rare unless specified and written in advanced.  The salesman had refused refund but nevertheless offering the refund as store credit to purchase anything in the store.

The customers got very irritated and yelled that they will take the luopan if they can see the famous master and hear that “it is OK for a luopan to off by 2 degrees”.

The salesman did not fall into this trap and refused.

This famous master has sold thousands of luopans over the last 30 years.  I do not believe his luopans can be this bad to have two in a row off by 2 degrees.  The salesman probably is not smart enough to counter-argue that customer’s benchmark luopan is inaccurate.

On a spiritual level, luopan needs to “match” the energy imprint or “qi” of a user. It works well and gives accurate measurement when there is an affinity between the luopan and the user.  A luopan can be an extension of your body and mind.  It can feel your heart-beat when your mind is not quiet during a measurement.  This is why loaning your luopan to another person is not a good idea.

Anyway, anyone who believe luopan is infallible probably is naive.  Most luopans using a non-fluid magnetic needle in the market is at most accurate to +/- one degree.  By the same logic, Feng Shui measurements requiring accuracy down to less than one degree, like Xuan Kong Da Gua, is probably wishful thinking. There are more arguments on the problems of luopan measurements even in the less demanding situation like 24 mountains.  I may cover it in the future.

Happy May 1 Labor Day!
Ken Lai
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