Dragon is the most beloved animal of the Chinese people.  It represents prosperity, blessing and success in the Chinese lore.  This belief gives marketers a tremendous opportunity to make some quick bucks with the upcoming of the Year of Dragon.

Rolls Royce of UK, manufacturer of deluxe vehicles, has marketed a “limited edition” of a dragon car by hand painting a few golden dragons in the interior of a Phantom model vehicle. People have snapped up this dragon inventory within a week when the car was put in the market. This dragon car has a little price tag of about US$1.2 million a pop.

Alas, not every Chinese is a rich panda to afford this Rolls Royce Dragon.  But they want to get some benefits from the year of dragon too.  So they resort to “making” dragon babies.  Many Chinese hospitals are already fully booked for dragon baby deliveries up to Sept. 2012 now. This  baby boom will increase competitions for school, jobs, spouse among dragon babies themselves than other birth cohorts for the rest of their lives.

Well, not every Chinese is fortunate enough to have someone to “make” dragon baby with or afford a babysitter.  How can they cash in this dragon mania?

By the grace of God Microsoft has created two affordable “limited editions” dragon mice.  The black “Arch Touch Mouse” only costs you US$69.95 and the wireless “mobile mouse” US$34.95.

The question is:  Do the designers of these mouse models understand Feng Shui and Chinese folklore?

2012 is Ren-chen or year of water-dragon.  In Chinese metaphysics, black or blue stands for water. Therefore the base color of these mice is correct to use black.

However, the gold or metal colored dragon version is a little bit off, though still usable.  Year 2000 or Geng-chen was the year of metal dragon.  Metal nurtures water in Chinese 5-element theory, so a gold colored dragon is still acceptable or auspicious for the year of water dragon. For the same reason the gray-colored dragon on the Arch Touch Mouse is considered metal and so it is also acceptable.

The model with red dragon imprinted can be put in storage till 2036 when the year of fire-dragon (Bing-chen) comes.  Fire-dragon clashes water dragon– inauspicious for the user of this mouse during 2012. Microsoft can market the red dragon mouse as an antique mouse in 2036 if it is still in business.

Now comes to the most important question– are these dragon mice good Feng Shui or not? You need to learn something about the concept of Grand Duke or the Annual Ruler of the year.

2012 is the year of the dragon.  This means dragon is the Grand Duke or Ruler of the Year. Dragon is your boss for the year.  Chinese Feng Shui dictates that you should not face Grand Duke directly, let alone holding his head and moving his tail backwards when you use the dragon mouse.  This is disrespect to the max to Grand Duke.  Antagonizing Grand Duke is a one way ticket to make your life miserable.

Ken, since I can’t afford the Rolls Dragon or make a dragon baby, I have already bought a dragon mouse.  What should I do with it?

Well, you may get rid of it on Ebay or put it at the back of where you sit most of the time. Grand Duke enhances your competition power in business or examinations if he is at your back.  It is auspicious to have Grand Duke as your back support. You may use your dragon mouse safely after Feb.3, 2013.

Now Microsoft can market these dragon mice as Feng Shui remedies and double the prices. Bill, do it quick before the Queen of Feng Shui picks up this business idea.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Microsoft or Apple stock.  I do not own or use any Apple software or hardware. I have been a Microsoft Windows user for over 25 years.  This blog is written with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

Ken Lai

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