Have you ever wondered how those masters or non-masters make their annual predictions? Today is your lucky day– you will find out you can do it too— no Chinese metaphysics courses needed to take from me or other masters.  Of course, it helps if you have knowledge of Chinese metaphysics.

Most of the annual predictions focus on these areas:
Disasters— natural or man-made disasters like tsunami, earthquake, flooding, drought, snowstorm, tornado, tropical storms, epidemics, nuclear accidents, war, train accidents, terrorist attacks, air disasters, cruise ship sinking ….(hints: earthquake is likely in  the “rings of fire” region; war in the middle east… throw a dart to a world map if you can’t make up your mind)
Economy— stock market, housing market, FOREX, oil market…. (hints: either up or down or “up a little bit or down a little bit”; pretty easy to predict!)
Politics— who gets or loses power (hint: don’t make  50/50 chance prediction like the USA presidential election.  A bad guess will make you look like an idiot and correct one will not win you anything)
People— most celebrities and politicians; who cheats, marries, divorces, scandals… etc.

Gut-feeling : Simply make any guesses or “educated guesses” based on past year statistics.  Isn’t this easy?
Psychic reading: People who are psychic or think they are psychic make predictions based on their “psychic feeling”. You may even use what you have dreamed.
Divinations: For people who are not psychic, they may use Yi-Jing, Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua, Plum-Flower and similar divination methods to make predictions down to individual month or even days.
Bazi of the New year:  This method requires knowledge of Bazi (4-Pillars).  You find out the exact date and hour when the New Year kicks in and generate a 4-pillars chart.  This treats the new year as if it is a person and make predictions or telling stories based on the combinations and clashes in the chart.
Animal sign of the New Year:  This method creates a story based on the animal sign of the new year. For example, 2012 is ren-chen or water-dragon year.  The story-telling part will be concentrated on the personality and characteristics of dragon and its water nature.  So you may hear about flooding stories.

Annual chart based on 9-stars: this method is used mostly in Feng Shui predictions.  For example, 5-yellow disaster star flies to southeast for 2012, so major disasters are likely to happen in the southeast, especially when monthly 5-star flies there.
Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Year Chart:  Predictions can also be made based on QMDJ, but it is not common to see.  It is pretty good at predicting Feng Shui problems.
Scavenger method:  If you can’t think or don’t want to think, you can “improvise” on other’s predictions.  This method summarizes or pick-and-choose the predictions made by other people.  The disadvantage of this method is that you lose the bragging right of being the first to make the prediction.  The advantage is that you can make the most comprehensive predictions.

It is  rare that “masters” utilize only one method to make predictions.  They use combinations of the above methods to “enrich” or throw out more predictions.  When one throws out 100+ predictions, a few of them will “hit”.  “Masters” can brag about how accurate their predictions were the following year (never mind or mention the ones they have missed).

Compare with economic predictions, astrologers are doing pretty well.  The late economist John Kenneth Galbraith wrote:

“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”

“Ken, I have not seen you make any annual predictions.”

I do not want to make economists feel good.  Besides, predicting disasters will generate mass negative manifestations.  It is bad karma for everyone.

Happy Year of Dragon!

Ken Lai

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