Ren-chen or year of Water Dragon will start in a few weeks.  You may want to fix the regions that will become “dangerous” to fix or dig after Feb.3, 2012 now.

The annual chart for the Year of Dragon is:

Annual chart is based on Purple White Method which holds that 1,6, 8 and 9-star locations are auspicious. 2-black sickness and 5-yellow disaster star locations are inauspicious.  Therefore, for current year, Southeast sector with 5-yellow disaster star is the most inauspicious, especially Tai Sui or Grand Duke also sits in that region.  You definitely do not want lots of movement and especially “moving earth” (digging or construction) there.  If the Flying Star chart of your house has 2-sickness star in the SE, you need to put metal or coin-solution cure there, especially if you have a door there. Same scenario and remedies and precautions if you have a 5-disaster star in the north sector of your house.

Minimal Feng Shui” is to fix only 2-5, 5-5, and 9-5 star combinations in regions with activities.  You don’t need to put up remedies or Feng Shui monsters in all 9-palaces of your house, especially in region of no activity like storage room and guest room.

Grand Duke is at Chen mountain (SE, 112.5- 127.5 degree) — minimize movements and avoid construction or digging. 5-yellow disaster star is also in this sector for current year.   If your house is facing Chen mountain (112.5- 127.5 degree), your house is said to be “Chong” or clashing Grand Duke.  You may want to put a Grand Duke Talisman there for protection (see my previous message on how to get one).

Sui Po or year-breaker is at Xu mountain (292.5- 307.5 degree)– avoid construction or digging.

San Sha or 3-killings are at Si, Wu and Wei mountains (South, 142.5- 217.5 degrees)– avoid construction or digging.

5-yellow disaster star at Xun palace (SE)- avoid construction or digging and movements. Grand Duke sits in Xun palace with 5-yellow– definitely be very careful when you do constructions and movement here (and avoid going SE)!

5-tiger sha at Shen, Geng and You mountains (West, 232.5- 277.5 degrees)– avoid construction or digging and movements.

Yang nobleman sign for this year is Mao (rabbit).  Yin nobleman is Si (snake).

You need to do a good date-selection if you need to do construction in any of the above locations (mountains/ palace) or better doing it before end of the current year (rabbit year).

People with dragon and dog zodiac sign should avoid seeing putting corpse in coffin or burial for this year.

Happy New Year!

Ken Lai
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