Church bells inside a bell tower

I have watched a BBC documentary “Come Bell Ringing” last night.  Conductor and musician Charles Hazlewood  had created a concert with the bell towers of 3 churches and a group of bell ringers in Cambridge, England. There are some historical footnotes about medieval Europeans had used bells to expel evil and sickness.

Bell ringing during a medieval funeral

In China or most Buddhist countries,  one can find a giant temple bell in a temple. The biggest temple bell in China is located in Tianning Temple in Changzhou City.  It weighs 15 tons and sits on the 13th floor of a pagoda.  When this bell is rung, its tone can be heard within a 10 miles radius.

The 15-tons Bell of Tianning Temple

Chinese Buddhists and Daoists believe that the metal sound of copper or brass bell can cleanse and purify the qi or energy of nearby environment, especially when the bell is inscribed with holy texts and blessings.  These texts and blessings will be converted to sound energy and spread into the area nearby to cleanse and harmonize the energy field there.

It seems that both eastern and western cultures believe in that metal sound has certain mythical cleansing power.

In Chinese Feng Shui, metal sound is believe to cure the 2-black sickness and 5-yellow disaster stars.  The rationale is that both 2 and 5 stars are earth in nature and metal sound is akin to their children crying for help (note:  this is based on 5-elements theory– earth produces metal). These negative earth energies, which would have caused sickness or misfortune, will be re-directed to nurture metal.  Therefore, the Feng Shui cure for 2 and 5-stars– small copper bells are hanged at the door or even chiming grand father clocks are used.

Tibetan Bell

You may want to do a cleansing of your house if:

  • you feel depressed lately
  • you feel tired or no energy all the time
  • many people get sicked in your house
  • overall family luck drops or suffer more accidents
  • your house is full of tension
  • annual end of the year cleansing 

The cheapest and easiest way to cleanse your house is go buy a copper or brass hand-bell.  You may buy a Tibetan Bell if you can afford one.  First you cleanse the bell by running it over lighted candle or incense urn.  You may also cleanse the bell with holy water obtained from a church.

The house cleansing process is easy– simply ringing the bell while walking around your house. While walking, visualize heaven or the universe is sending cleansing and blessing energies into your house and the stagnant and sickness energies are pushing out. Make sure the dark corners, especially those that cannot see sunlight, are also “rung” at. Those are the high risk areas for hidden “stuff” or energies.

How about adding blessing and amplify your manifestations while cleansing your house?

Today is your lucky day.  Here is how:  Simply write down the blessing like “good health”, ‘harmony”, “better wealth-luck” (don’t ask for $1M), “improving career”…..etc.  on a small piece of paper and stick it on the bell.  Make the paper removable so that you can change your wish and blessing whenever you do house-cleansing.

Merry X’mas & Happy New Year!

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