A “metaphysicalized person” is someone who uses metaphysics methods like Feng Shui, Bazi, ZWDS, Qi-Men-Dun-Jia,  date-selections, astrology, tarot cards, runes and the likes in some aspects of his or her daily life.

An “over-metaphysicalized person” is someone who will fine-tune every activity with metaphysics methods OR obsessed with maximizing the advantages from applying metaphysics methods to a major activity– most likely in business or wealth enhancement aspects for both genders and relationship or romance for females.  These people think that metaphysics is their ticket to solve all their worldly problems.

Because I teach Chinese metaphysics, some people thought that I have a magic wand or direct hot line to heaven.  They have requested me to help them move the slow-selling houses in an estate, selling a 50 feet yacht, houses or even pushing up the margin call of stocks.

An average “metaphysicalized person” simply tries to enhance some aspects of his/her life with metaphysics whereas an over-metaphysicalized person try to get an upper-hand in every facet of life or in competitions for wealth.

I have clients who keep begging for new metaphysics techniques to enhance their wealth acquisitions.  I have told them that how much wealth one will acquire and enjoy is pre-determined.  By pushing for wealth, they are doing “early withdrawal” from their life-time pre-determined wealth account.  They will die prematurely when their life-time account is drawn empty.

You may not believe in this Buddhist view of wealth pre-determinaton.  In Bazi or 4-Pillars, there is a term called “weak day-master cannot handle wealth“.  Bazi classifies people in strong, balanced or weak “day-master”.  People who belong to the “weak day-master” group cannot handle or enjoy big wealth when they are still “weak”.  There are numerous stories about lottery winners’ life got worse or even got killed after hitting the jackpot.  A recent example is the relative short life of Apple’s Steve Jobs.  His health got worse as he made more wealth after 2000.

There are three major types of over-metaphysicalized persons:
1.  The successful business people:  These are the luckiest group who enjoy successes in their business with application of metaphysics.  But their appetite for metaphysics tricks keeps growing and become “metaphysics junkie” and are hard to satisfy.

2.  Business people who WAS successful and is low on luck now:  These people either fail to change with time and/or adapt to new business environment.  Their major problem is not metaphysics but personal problems.  They hope the metaphysics magic wand will turn their business around overnight. I know a businessman who has built two “5-ghost carry wealth” and a few “water-dragons” in his house. But his business still “sucks” because the problem is people-problem.  The better one will use metaphysics to boost their confidence while the worse one will use metaphysics to justify their failure because of “bad luck” or “bad Feng Shui“.

3.  Non-business people who WAS successful and is low on luck now:  Like the business counterparts, these people sometimes dwell on their past successes and fail to change or adapt to new realities. They will max out their credit cards to buy new metaphysics course and hope to turn their luck around. The new courses will dig a deeper financial hole for them.  They also tend to justify their lack or action or failures on “bad luck ” or “bad Feng Shui“.

“Ken, do you mean metaphysics does not work?”

Of course, not every metaphysics method works.  But some methods like Feng Shui, Bazi, date-selection methods are likely to enhance your goal-directed activities.  However, my personal bias is:  use metaphysics methods to avoid or keep bad things from happening to you. Methods for wealth enhancements should be used sparingly or “unless you have to“.

Metaphysics methods, especially the wealth enhancement ones, behave like anti-biotic, the more you use it, the less effective it becomes to your personal qi.  I use metaphysics methods to the max only for important occasions.  For everyday life, I just use my own natural qi or energy to handle the events.

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