China Daily has reported a bizarre memorial video posted online by a farmer.  He uses the video to protest the death of his dairy cows due to land dispute with local government.

“The five minute video shows the impromptu memorial service in Zhaoling town, Luohe city in Central China’s Henan province where it is claimed 230 dairy cows died after the farm’s gates were locked and the land transferred due to unpaid rent.”

You can see the video and report from this link:

In the video, the farm owner eulogizes the cows and prays for their safe passage to heaven.  He also accuses government officials embezzle his funds.  Last segment of the video shows Buddhist rituals are conducted to help the souls of these cows to migrate to Nirvana.

Here is the response from a government official:

“According to the contract, because the cattle farm didn’t execute the contract, the local government has the right to deal with the land without negotiations and the cattle farm should take the consequences…” 
Regardless of who is right or wrong, knowingly letting 230 cows starve to death is animal cruelty in any civilized society.  This lack of compassion and respect for life is sickening.

Land disputes between local government and farmers are common in China.  Local government officials team up with land developers to build housing estates to boost GDP.  Farmers or local residents are driven away from their land with little compensations.   This case is unusual as the victims are the defenseless dairy cows from Australia.

RIP 230 Dairy Cows

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