To the average person, a Feng Shui luopan looks complicated and mysterious.  Many cartoons and TV series have used luopan as a magical tool with mysterious power.

In reality, a luopan is just an embellished compass with a big movable dial. It’s primary function, similar to a regular compass, is to measure directions.

Besides creating a “mysterious look” and measuring directions for the Feng Shui masters, luopan serves other functions that you may not have heard before.

Luopan as ghost detector

When you see your luopan needle go nuts or magnetic polarities totally reversed during a Feng Shui audit, it could be a sign of ghost or spirit in the area.  Ghost is a form of yin magnetic energy.  Sometimes the disturbance to your luopan needle is so severe that it knocks out the needle and the luopan stops functioning (and you kiss a few hundred US$ goodbye OR read my article on how to regenerate a luopan hidden somewhere in this blog or other online discussion list).

Ghosts dislike luopan because the symbols there remind them of the time dimension, which is unpleasant for them.  So you may use a luopan as a tool to drive ghosts away.  Better still, you run away first to save your luopan from magnetic damage!

The pix on the left shows Master Sezto Fa-zheng had used a luopan as ghost-detector and a mini-coffin to catch a ghost inside a haunted casino.

Luopan as your door guard

Some people put a luopan on top of their front door to block out negative energy. 10 years ago I saw a Chinese supermarket in Sacramento (California) put a 2 feet long luopan on top of its front entrance!  That was a huge (and expensive) luopan!

Using a luopan to raise the auspicious energy level of a house

Houses with waning energy or qi can use a luopan to raise its auspicious or wealth energy (methods listed in my “Practical Date-Selection Course“).

Using a luopan to change the direction of a house

This is a Qi-Men-Dun-Jia trick.

Using a luopan to lock in auspicious timing

This is also a Qi-Men-Dun-Jia trick.

Using a luopan as “metaphysical contraceptive”

Today is your lucky day– here is the formula.  Simply put a luopan in your bedroom and it will decrease your chance of conception greatly. (Note:  Make sure you don’t block the “entrance” with the luopan. No refund or returns if you still somehow manage to made a baby).

Luopan as Feng Shui aspirin for negative form energies

Black Hat Feng Shui is well-known for using crystals as their Feng Shui aspirin.  Some masters in Taiwan and China use luopans instead.  They advise clients to place a luopan facing any sha energy like T-junction, wall-knife and the likes to fix the sha qi problem.

Using a luopan as a weapon

Yes, I literally mean a weapon– minimum size one foot in diameter.  You can do some serious damages to whoever attacking you by hitting him/her with the corner or edge of a luopan.  However, it is much cheaper and more efficient by getting a bottle of beer–  drink the beer and use the bottle to do the trick.

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