What do a circus and a Feng Shui practitioner have in common?   They are both evaluated by the number of rings each has.

We can get a quick feel of how big or small a circus is by how many “rings” it has,  like a 3-rings circus. As to the breadth of knowledge that a Feng Shui practitioner has, we can know by how many “luopan” or Feng Shui compass rings that s/he can handle .

A Feng Shui compass or luopan may have up to 50 rings.  Each ring represents measurements of time and space in a certain manner represented by a Feng Shui school or perspective.  So a Feng Shui practitioner’s breadth of knowledge can be measured by the number of rings that s/he can handle.  An average Feng Shui compass has about 20- 30 rings.

A Feng Shui compass with 25+ rings

The Feng Shui mania during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s has produced many “Flying Star Feng Shui” practitioners both in the west and in Hong Kong.   Most of these practitioners become “masters” after a 20- 30 hours of training.  They can only handle the “24-mountain ring”  despite there are over 20 rings in their luopans.  More often than not, they simply run the star number game in their Feng Shui audits and do not take into consideration of the surrounding land forms in the environment.  An audit can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Some people in Hong Kong called these “Flying Star” practitioners as “One Ring Master”  (一層大師) out of disdain, especially for those who think that Flying Star is the ultimate in Feng Shui.

If you are one of these ORM (One Ring Masters) and want to increase your rings (not wings), you can take my “Practical Door Feng Shui” video course.  You will get at least 3+ more rings and become a MRM (Multiple Rings Master) in a few weeks.

Ken Lai

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