China’s Qing East Tombs ( 清东陵) is famous for its imperial tombs and auspicious Feng Shui. It was built in 1611 with 157 imperial family members including 5 emperors and 15 queens buried there.  It attracts many tourists and Feng Shui tour groups.

Qing East Tombs

In May 20, 2011,  a mysterious tourist went to a site parallel to the tomb of emperor Shunzhi (r. 1644-61),  dug a hole and attempted to bury the ash box of his deceased father there. Tomb security people had stopped and arrested this man.  He told the security that he thought if he could bury his father’s cremated ashes in this imperial tomb with auspicious Feng Shui,  he and his descendants will enjoy prosperity and good luck. Other tourists called this man the “coolest tourist” while some netizens called him “Brother Superstition”   (迷信哥).  

A man dug a hole near Emperor Shunzhi’s tomb

Brother Superstition was “criticized” and “educated” while in captivity.  He had admitted “guilt” on the spot and was released.  Apparently the Tomb Security authority thinks that being a laughing stock is a good enough punishment for this Feng Shui nut.  The news was broadcast on TV and newspapers across China.

Brother Superstition should come to the United States where the Bush family tombs are located.  It must have great Feng Shui because it has already produced two U.S. presidents and one governor.  But his problem is that cremated ashes do not give strong “resonance” to the descendants than burial remains (bones).  The descendants may become president’s butlers or housemaids instead of presidents or governors.   It is also difficult to “hitch” a spot near the Bush family plot if he tries to get a big bag of bones into the ground.

According to many great Feng Shui legends, good Feng Shui (tomb and residential) is only part of the equation to riches and fame. It takes many generations of cultivation and accumulation of  merits and virtues for a family to produce to a high ranking official like an emperor or president.

This has something to do with the idea of “Blessed people reside in blessed land” — whether these blessed people are dead or alive.

Ken Lai

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