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I have run into an amazing Feng Shui news while surfing the Chinese web.  Early last year in Gao-yi County of Hebei Province (河北高邑县),  the Party Secretary Cui Yan-xuan (崔欣元) had blocked a 40-meter wide boulevard with a deactivated fighter-jet because the boulevard forms a T-junction with another street that points to his office building.  Chinese netizens call this  the “Coolest T-junction in history (史上最牛丁字路).

There is a half-moon pond in front of the fighter-jet monument with three layers of flower beds.  This will slow down the rush of qi or energy, according to Feng Shui theory “qi rides with wind and stops at water“.

Building with a flag is the County office building

In addition, the front yard of the county office building has a circular  “Sun pond” with a few thousand tons of rocks from “Tai Shan” .(泰山石).  “Tai Shan” rocks are believe to block “sha qi” or clashing energy according to Chinese folklore.

Why put a fighter-jet in the middle of the road?  Because a jet climbs or flies high– symbolizes the Party Secretary Cui will climb up the official ladder fast.

This Feng Shui setup was designed by Cui’s trusted Feng Shui master.

In terms of Form Feng Shui, T-junction is one of the worst sha energies.  It causes accidents and deaths to occupants of the building  that the qi or energy the T- junction points to.

But, can you spot the goof-up in this Feng Shui job?  The T-junction does not really point directly to the County office building!  There is a road blocking the rushing qi to the office!  A simple and inexpensive fix will be just putting up two “STOP” signs in the junction, so all the traffic will stop and no more sha-qi.

Party Secretary Cui

Even if this T-junction really points to the County office building, the half-moon pond and the “Sun pond” should be good enough to reduce the rushing energy.   Cui’s Feng Shui master had “overdone” the Feng Shui largely due to his ingratiating act.

Accusations of “Feng Shui superstition” got Secretary Cui fired from his post.  Netizens said he was “shot down by the fighter-jet“.

Feng Shui can help your career, but too much of any good thing will do the opposite for you.

Ken Lai

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