In my 4P readings, almost without exception, everyone asks about “how’s my wealth luck?” or “when I will be rich?”  Yet the topic on wealth is quite confusing for 4P students, especially beginners.  The followings are some common misconceptions:

1.  Equating the number of wealth elements in a chart to  the level of wealth that the day-master (chart owner) will have.
2.  Similar to #1, assuming wealth luck period (whether annual or 10-year luck) will always bring in wealth.
3.  Assuming the 4P reading is correct that indeed someone has a wealth luck coming,  s/he thinks that money will fall from the sky without doing anything.
4.  Assuming the 4P reading is correct that indeed someone has a wealth luck coming, s/he  has indeed seen money coming and going with nothing or little left.

4P predictions are ridden with “conditions“.  If the condition is not made clear, the prediction can go both ways.  #1 and 2 are correct only if the day-master is strong (or “follow wealth” profile/chart).  If the day-master is weak, it means poverty for #1 and losing wealth for #2.  The Chinese description for #1 is “poor person living in a big mansion” (like a maid) or in modern context, the teller working in a bank.

In 4P, wealth means wealth for strong day-master but means “lack of wealth” for weak day-master!   For weak day-master, bi-jian or peer elements (same element to that of day-master) stand for wealth.

Imagine you do a 4P reading to someone with a weak day-master.  You told him to “go all the way” in his stock or gambling endeavors because he is in strong wealth luck period.  What will be the consequence?   You may get shot.

How about #3 and 4?   You may find the answer in my 4P Bootcamp video course or ask your 4P teacher.

Ken Lai

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