In 2003, I had read the 4P chart of a friend’s 6 year old boy.  The kid is a strong jia-wood day-master with wealth and output elements in both stems and branches.  It is a good “shi-shang (output) produces wealth” profile.  The only problem is metal (control) is very weak and only shows up in hidden elements.

I told the boy that he will be rich when he grows up.  Even at the age of 6, this kid seemed to understand the concept of “rich”.  He told his mother, “I will buy a big mansion and won’t let you (parents) live with me.”   His mother was really irritated.

Now this boy is 14 and cannot part with his IPad for more than 5 minutes.  He plays with it even during dinner and updates his Facebook page continuously.
Unfortunately, his mother is also a Facebook addict.

Anyway, his mother worries about the boy’s lack of interest in academic learning and anything that is regarded as “work”.  He thinks he will be rich and therefore no need to work hard at all.

Ken, your 4P reading made him think money will fall from the sky into his pocket.  Could you come and tell him that he has to WORK for the money?”  My friend said.

I have similar experience with other 4P clients.  They got excited to know that they have a wealth luck coming.  But they just waited and did nothing.  Of course,  money will not knock at their doors.  Then they blame the messenger— the 4P reader.

When your 4P shows that you have a wealth luck coming, it just means you will have a better chance of making money than usual IF you are actively doing something to make money.  Heaven will not throw money at you if you just sit down, wait and do nothing.

God helps those who help themselves.

Ken Lai

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