Can metaphysicians make immense wealth?”  It is tempting for me to give you a definite “YES” answer.  So that you will send me your hard-earned money to buy my metaphysics courses or  invest the money for you.

On the other hand, smart reader like you may ask, “If you can make immense wealth with metaphysics, why bother making peanuts to sell me courses or service?”

My opinion on this question would be:  Metaphysics like Feng Shui, Bazi, QMDJ, and the likes can help you improve your chances of making wealth WITHIN the confines of your destiny.  For example, if Bazi or 4-Pillar method says John Doe’s lifetime wealth potential is $1 million, it does not mean John will get $1M.  He may get only $500- 600k.  With Feng Shui techniques to enhance the wealth position of his home, he may get more.  With 4P techniques, he may get a little more.  But John has little chance of getting more than his lifetime limit of $1M.

In Chinese metaphysics, we differentiate between “shù” (術)  and “shù” (數).  “Shù” (術) refers to magic and supernatural methods involving spirits, deities and/or religious belief.  “Shù” (數) refers to methods based on formula and calculations.

I had done some casino experiments using both magic and formula aspects of metaphysics.  Using Qi-Men-Dun-Jia method, it is easy to win in the initial hour entering the casino but not afterward. You need to “recharge” your qi or energy using QMDJ again to stay “alive“.  Using 4P alone, your chance of winning is bigger if you choose a day that is your wealth element.  You chance of winning is also higher if you sit at your wealth direction.  However, we found that if your 4P chart has no wealth element, it becomes very difficult to make you win anything.   We also have some other 4P methods to enhance your odds of winning in our “Destiny and Luck Management” courses.

I had also tried using magic and psychic power with a few students in a native American ran casino.  The casino is protected by strong energy and all we could do was just extending the play time but lost the bet eventually.  Another test in an Asian casino was even worse.  The place is protected by spirits that warned us to get the hell out of the casino. We had “cross-over” their territory.

How about using metaphysics to do stock trades or FOREX?   I have not done that myself, but I have seen my students doing it.  They all do very well doing dry runs or using practice accounts.  However, most lost their shirts when doing the trades with real money.  I guess the “luck” factor kicks in when real money is used.

Money probably affects the trajectories of destiny more than anything else.  So the Universe (or god) is unlikely to grant your wish of immense wealth easily– even if you use metaphysics.

On the other hand, small requests that do not affect the paths of destiny much — like stopping rain/snow for an hour, a free dinner or a few dollars, are easily done (or granted by deities) with metaphysics.  Even I can do it sometimes.

Ken Lai

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