“Can metaphysicians make immense wealth?”  (玄學家可以賺大錢嗎?) is the question raised by Kang-zi, author of Hong Kong’s Headline News (in Chinese).

Kang wrote that if metaphysicians were good at their trade of predicting the future, they should have made immense wealth in betting/ gambling, stocks and commodity markets.But the reality tells another story.  Rich and famous metaphysicians are rare in both west and eastern societies.A few famous Feng Shui masters, Iron-plate specialist and other metaphysicians that Kang knows had claimed to be “Stock God” (股神)— only resulted in losing big in the financial market despite their metaphysicial prowess.

Why did they lose their shirts?” asked Kang.

The common explanation for lack of “rich” metaphysicians is the “divine punishment theory“.  The “price” to practice metaphysics is to be poor or “not rich” for “leaking heaven’s secrets” and changing people’s destiny.

But Kang does not buy this “divine punishment theory”.  He argues that  metaphysicians are not the only ones changing people’s destiny, so are doctors, police, firemen, and the like.  Should these people be poor too?

Kang believes there are metaphysicians who have made it big or lost big.  The ones who make it big just keep quiet to avoid taxation or loan-seekers.  Personal attitude, according to Kang, accounts for up to 70% relevance on whether one will strike it rich or not.

Kang turns to fatalism  for explanation.  He argues that if one has fame and wealth luck, one will be rich and famous regardless what s/he does.  In addition, the personality make-up of metaphysicians is always antagonistic to the personality attributes necessarily to make it big in wealth and fame.

Ken, what’s your take on this topic?”

This is not a 1-sentence answer question.  I’ll write about my little experiments with metaphysics and wealth generation.  Let me sell some courses before answering it in detail next time.  My “Pre-price increase sale” of video correspondence courses will end in two days.  Mention this message will extend your deadline to Feb. 20, 2011.

(See, this is one example of generating wealth with metaphysics)

Ken Lai

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