Do you know you can spice up your luck by eating the food that  corresponds to the favorable element of your Bazi or 4-pillar birth chart?   Eat your way to prosperity using your favorable element!

If you favorable element is:

  • WATER— eat more salty food
  • WOOD— eat more sour food
  • FIRE— add bitter food
  • EARTH— eat more sweet food
  • METAL— eat more spicy/hot food

How do you figure out your favorable element?  You may consult a 4P reader or take my “4P Bootcamp” video correspondence course.  No money to take any class?  No problem.  Here is a simple way to find out your favorable element. The color that you love most is likely your favorable element. For example, if you like red color, your likely favorable element is fire.  Water color is blue or black.  Metal color is white, gray  or golden yellow.

Don’t blame me if you put on weight.  Send me or a charity 10% if you hit the lottery.

There are numerous methods to enhance your luck taught in my “Destiny and Luck Management” courses.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ken Lai

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