Below is a link to an article found in Minneapolis Star Tribune about a poor mother who cannot afford to bury for her daughter next to her son who was gunned down in 2001:

Email me if the link is broken.  I will send you the PDF verison.

According to the Chinese, the ultimate karma credit or merit one can get is to save a life.  But this is hard to come by for most people.

The next best karma credit one can get is to offer casket (coffin) to people who cannot afford one.  Karma credit like this one can fend off major misfortune or even death.

In Hong Kong, there are some people chasing after ambulances to see if they can offer free coffin.  They are hired by individuals who believe that they have impending misfortunes or serious sickness as predicted by astrology.  A major karma credit or merit like offering casket to the poor may mitigate or neutralize any perceived imminent misfortune.

Ken Lai