The Year of Rabbit will start at Spring Solstice (Li-chun) or Feb. 4. According to Chinese custom, a new ruler of the year, or Grand Duke (Tai-sui) will come for each year. For 2011 or Xin-mao (metal-rabbit) year, the Grand Duke is General Fan Ning.

For 2011, Grand Duke sits on Mao mountain or the East (E2). If your house faces E2, it is considered “clashing Grand Duke”. The residents may face accidents, obstacles or losing wealth. The cure is minimizing movements in the facing and put a Grand Duke talisman (see samples here) facing E2.

On the other hand, if your house sits on Mao mountain, it is considered having the support of Grand Duke. The tenants will do better in business ventures and competition. Historically speaking, countries at war with Grand Duke at their back are likely to win. But if your house or office does not sit on Mao mountain, you may use a Grand Duke Talisman at your back side as support (not recommended for people clashing GD for the current year).

In terms of individuals, people who have something to do with current year’s Grand Duke are generally considered “violating Grand Duke“. This “violation” can be distinguished in 3 ways:

1. People who have the same animal sign as the Grand Duke are considered “on duty” or “zhi 植” with Grand Duke. For 2011 , people who were born in rabbit years (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999) are “on duty” with Grand Duke. The symptoms will be minor sickness, emotionally imbalanced and minor misfortunes.

2. People whose animal sign clashes the Grand Duke are “chong” or clash Grand Duke. For 2011, people with rooster animal sign (born 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993) are clashing Grand Duke for the year. This is the most serious Grand Duke violation that may cause:

  • career changes (promotion or demotion)
  • moving
  • frequent travels
  • major monetary losses or bankruptcy
  • death in the family
  • major sickness/ surgery
  • accident or death

3. People who have animal sign that “penalizes” Grand Duke. For 2011, people who have rat (zi) animal sign (born 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996) penalize Grand Duke. Normally, penalizing is less severe than clashing Grand Duke. However, zi-mao penalty is one of the infamous “Three Penalties”in Bazi or 4-Pillars of Destiny.  This becomes more a Bazi problem than Grand Duke violation.  Zi-mao penalty normally jinxes the close relatives of the person involved.

One way to cure Grand Duke violation is to carry the Grand Duke talisman shown here. However, a mere reproduction of this talisman does not have the divine energy to fix the problem. A talisman needs to be “activated” or “benedicted” by a Daoist teacher or priest to be effective. A benediction alone easily costs US$60. Here is the special offer– for a donation of US$30 to the charitable organization listed below (or any of your local legitimate charity), I will send you an individually benedicted and empowered Grand Duke Talisman. You simply forward me the email acknowledgment of your donation (or scanned image of the donation receipt).  No money will go through me. You send the donation DIRECTLY to the charity.  Your donation must be dated on or after Dec. 1, 2010 to qualify.   I will pay the postage for sending the talisman to you.

The followings are some suggested charities:

American Red Cross (you may donate to your local Red Cross)

To calculate the equivalent of US$30 to your local currency:

Online currency calculator


If you need more than one Grand Duke Talismans, here is the discount schedule:

  • one talisman US$30 donation  (US$5 if you are unemployed)
  • two talismans US$50 donation  ($10 if unemployed)
  • three talismans US$60 donation ($15 if unemployed)

Talisman that is grounded with a charity event works more effectively because it has an exchange of one type of energy to protection energy.

Please forward your donation receipt with the talisman recipient name and address to:


This unique talisman is custom-made and invokes many powerful deities for protection and blessing. You cannot buy it anywhere. Each talisman is individually activated, blessed and stamped with the red seal of the ultimate powerful Daoist deity. It is further blessed with your name and address (or city/ country). Here are the inscriptions inside the talisman:


口奄om勅令chi-lingtài ___nián __

星君xīng-jūnzhènshǒupíngāngāng *

By the order of Buddha: Xin-Mao Year Grand Duke General Fan Ning to station here

rì * yuè * Sun * Moon

tàiyáng星君xīng-jūn * tàiyīn星君xīng-jūn *

Deity of Grand-Yang (Sun) * Deity of Southern Galaxy


Order 6-Jia Celestial Generals: order Celestial Officials to draw treasures and grant blessings (to this family)

勅令chi-lingjiāzháiguāngmíng *

Order to guard and secure the righteousness of this family

léi雷雷雷雷雷 * Thunder (5)

niánquánzāizhīhuò *

There will be no disaster throughtout the year

léi雷雷雷雷雷 * Thunder (5)

yuèyǒutàiláizhīqìng *

There will be good news and celebrations every month

běidǒu星君xīng-jūn * tàiyīn星君xīng-jūn *

Deity of Northern Galaxy * Deity of Grand-Yin (moon)


Order 6-Ding Celestial soldiers, to draw wealth and blessing (for this family). Also order granting security and peace to this family.


Thank you for reading this message!

Happy New Year!

Ken Lai

updated 12/31, correction made on people with rooster sign will clash GD in 2010.

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