The adage “Blessed land is resided by blessed people” ( 福地福人居) is well-known in Feng Shui circle.  It implies “blessed land” is invariably resided by “blessed people”.
“Blessed land” means land with good Feng Shui.  “Blessed people” refers to two categories of people– virtuous people with good luck or people who are currently in good luck.
The same adage with the subject and object reversed becomes “Blessed people reside in blessed land” ( 福人居福地).  The meaning differs greatly.  Here “blessed people” means strictly virtuous people.  The land in “blessed land” becomes “blessed” because “blessed people” reside on it.  In other words, blessed people influence or nurture the Feng Shui of the land on which they reside.
Most of the time, Feng Shui people over-emphasize the influence of Feng Shui (land) over residents and neglect that residents can also influence Feng Shui of the land energetically (spiritually) and physically.
I have written before about when to fire your Feng Shui master (when someone is in good luck period).  Here you may add if someone is virtuous or with strong positive energy (if you can sense energy), s/he can pick a house without the help a Feng Shui master.
In reality, most of us are neither “virtuous” nor always in good luck.  So you may want to find a house with good Feng Shui to nurture you or enhance your personal qi (energy).  Alternatively, you may take my “Destiny and Luck Management course” to enhance your luck energy with 4P and Feng Shui techniques.  With higher luck energy, you may improve your house hunting luck and other luck in general.

Ken Lai

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