A metaphysics marketing website has done an email blitz promoting the “month of triple afflictions” as if it is worse than the upcoming 2012 end of the world prophecy.  Some people are scared, especially when they find out that there is a fourth affliction.

The fourth affliction is the damage to your wallet if you follow the suggestions of this website to purchase US$2000 or more worth of mantra plague, talisman pendant, pagoda and the like to fix the first three afflictions.

Should we be very afraid?  Should we lose any sleep thinking about these “triple afflictions“? Should we shell out 2 grands to fix the problem?

1.  Year and month pillar fan-yin or clashing
This mean the year energy and month energy battling each other.  Current year is metal-tiger (Geng-yin) and month is wood-monkey (Jia-shen, the 7th lunar or solar month) .  This is primarily fighting between metal and wood energies– a sign for more traffic accidents and injuries by metal objects.  A simple cure is to drive careful and avoid traveling. You may do spiritual cure by carrying a relic, rosary, cross, talisman and the like. This 7th lunar month starts from August 10 to Sept. 7 (Aug. 7- Sept.7 for solar month) .

2.   5-yellow star sits in the center palace
When 5-yellow star returns to the center palace, it is called “return to the original position of the star’s palace” or 回宫歸位 huí gōng guī wèi. It is like a re-initialization in computer jargons or return to the original formation of the post-heaven bagua. This happens once every 9 months!  Will a star make havoc in its own backyard?  This condition at most makes energy stagnant or not moving. Every star returns to its hometown and takes it easy for one month.

3.  The 7th lunar month is ghost month
The idea of “ghost month” is largely a Daoist conception or Chinese belief. If you do not believe in it or have never heard about it, it will have little or no effect on you.   It is just like Chinese New Year is no big deal to westerners but is celebrated by Chinese.  If you are Chinese or scared, you can print out the talisman picture in this blog, activate it with a donation to your local temple, church, foodshelf or simply doing an act of kindness, and carry it around with you.  You may also burn some joss papers and make offerings to hungry ghosts if you want to.

Most people (except a small group list below) should not worry about this so-called “triple afflictions“, especially for those who are righteous and have done nothing “bad” or evil. By the law of attraction, negative energies and entities will be attracted to people with negative energies.

Year pillar and month pillar clash may cause more “concern” to people with snake (si) animal sign or people with snake day branch in their birth charts.  These people are more “accident-prone” than the others due to the formation of “3-penalties” (yin-si-shen) with the year and month pillar. Simple fix is to minimize traveling or driving within this month (please refer to #1 above).

For everyone, within the 7th lunar month, avoid using snake or si hour (9:00- 10:59) to make major decisions and traveling. This hour forms a 3-penalty with year and month pillar EVERYDAY for this lunar month.

The following days are especially prone to accident regardless of the hour(especially for people with monkey, tiger and snake animal signs):

August 11 (gui-si)
August 23 (yi-si)
September 4 (ding-si)

During these 3 days, 3:00-4:59, 9:00- 10:59 and 15:00- 16:59 are the worst hours. People with tiger, snake or monkey signs will be better off to take a day off and stay home if possible. If not, be extra vigilant when driving and traveling. You may do spiritual cure by carrying a relic, rosary, cross, talisman and the like. The most powerful remedies are doing charity works like blood, food and money donations to the poor and needy.

Do you still want to spend US$2000 or more to purchase the “cures“?

Ken Lai

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