Note: The following article was written for a Toronto FS group newsletter in 2005.

In the last one or two years, Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) becomes the latest craze on the Feng Shui training circuit. Or in more blunt terms, it adds 2 or more courses to the inventory of Feng Shui trainers.

Info or “secrets” about Flying Star are abundant in published sources.  XKDG, info, however, is not as readily available.

In Hong Kong, a famous writer charges as much as HK$150k (CAD$23k) to teach you XKDG. In Taiwan, charges from US$5000 to NT$1M (CAD$39k) are not unheard of.

In 2000, Master X of Taiwan starts to publish a series of XKDG books, so it is no coincidence that XKDG begins surfacing in the west after 2000. Before Master X, GM Chan Pui San, the founder of Miao Pai XKDG, (Hong Kong) has published some info on XKDG. I can tell Master X’s books are based on GM Chan’s books.  But Master X is a better writer and good at explaining complicated concepts.

Miao Pai XKDG is known for its “sha-fighting” to enhance wealth luck.  Master X also has his own version of sha-fighting method.

In the early 90’s, GM Chan has released a major XKDG secret– “in-gua and out-of-gua” to explain why a person suffers in a house while another prospers in the same house, or why some houses have ugly mountains/ water but do not shown any negative effects.

The probability of being “out-of-gua” (not getting the blessing or negative effects) is about 1/3.

The cornerstone of Master X’s fight-sha Feng Shui is this “in-gua and out-of-gua” theory.  Most of his cases examples shown in his books are for business located in the top side of a T-junction or cross-junction.

The formula is pretty simple, by orientating the door to face the sha (like rushing qi/ traffic) at an “out-of-gua” angle with a good XKDG date-selection, Master X claims this will convert sha energy to work wonder for the owner.

By putting the door in an “out-of-gua” angle, so the sha cannot have effect of the property— doesn’t this sound like “sha avoidance”?

From a common sense point of view, business likes exposure.  With junctions there are normally stop signs or traffic light too. By setting a business on a cross-junction or T-junction with an angled door that faces the most directions, it maximizes exposure of the business to traffic.

Can this become a “self-fulfilling prophecy”?  Will the business be just as prosperous without doing this fight-sha Feng Shui?

If you go to downtown Toronto, businesses with angled doors at a cross-junction are found almost in every block.

Finally, I would like to give you a reminder about Master X’s books. He told his students that he had purposely set missing links and traps in his books, so he can tell if someone is teaching from his books or from someone who has taken his live class. I know Master X’s sifu and he does not fight-sha.

Postscript 2010Lately there are noises about claims of  “sha-fighting”.  Now you know how this got started.  My Taiwan sifu had studied with GM Chan Pui San (now almost 90 years old).  He told us “do not fight sha” unless your life is worthless. You don’t know the long term effects of sha-fighting and you don’t want to do experiments with the lives of your clients.

Ken Lai

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