I found that the Chinese 5-elements theory is a pretty good predictor of winners for the World Cup semi-finals based on the actual team jersey color during the match.

Chinese 5-elements theory states that the world is made up by the interactions between 5 type of energies;  metal, water, wood, fire and earth.  The relationship between these 5 types of elements are as follow:

  • Metal is represented by white color. It is controlled by fire (red), drained by water (blue or black) and nurtured by earth (yellow or brown).
  • Wood is represented by green color.  It is controlled by metal (white), drain by fire (red) and nurtured by water (blue or black).
  • Water is represented by blue or black color. It is controlled by earth (yellow or brown), drain by wood (green) and nurtured by metal (white).
  • Earth is represented by yellow or brown color. It is controlled by wood (green), drain by metal (white) and nurtured by fire (fire).
 Here are the rules for picking the winning team:
  • If that team’s jersey color controls the opponent’s jersey color (example, red will lose to blue) or
  • If that team’s jersey color drains the opponent’s jersey color (white will lose to blue)

How does it work?
Jersey color stands for part of the energy field surrounding the players.  By controlling or draining the energy field of your opponent using appropriate colored jersey, you can enhance the energy level of your own team and weakening the energy level of your opponent.  There are other Chinese metaphysical methods like Qi-Men-Dun-Jia that can increase the odds of  winning by 10- 15% through the use of directional energies.

Plugging this 5-elements theory to June 26 and 27 semi-finals, we have the follow results:

1.  URU vs KOR (blue vs white)
— blue is water and white is metal.  Water drains metal.  The theory predicts URU will win.
2.  USA vs GHA (white vs red)
— white is metal and red is fire.  Fire burns or control metal.  The theory predicts GHA will win.
3. GER vs ENG (white vs red)
— white is metal and red is fire. Fire burns or control metal. The theory predicts ENG will win.  Incorrect for this one.  But June 27th is a strong metal day according to Chinese calendar.
4. ARG vs MEX (blue/white vs green)
— blue is water and white is metal and green is wood. Metal controls or chops wood. The theory predicts ARG will win.  Besides June 27th is a strong metal day according to Chinese calendar.

Chinese 5-elements theory’s predictions are almost 75% accurate for the first two days of the World Cup semi-finals.  How about the next two days?

Assuming the teams will wear their standard team colored jerseys, here are the possible results:

1.  NED vs SVK (red vs blue)
— red is fire and blue is water.  Water extinguishes fire.  So SVK is likely to win.
2.  BRA vs CHI (yellow vs red)
— yellow is earth and red is fire.  Earth drains fire.  So BRA is likely to win.
3.  PAR vs JPN (red/white vs blue)
— red is fire and white is metal; blue is water.  Water drains metal and water extinguishes fire.  So JPN is likely to win.
4.  ESP vs POR (red vs red)
— it is unlikely that both teams wear red.  The team that wears white is likely to lose because red is fire and white is metal.  Fire burns metal.

May the best team win (Coaches:  Make sure you pick the winning color for your team jersey)!

Ken Lai

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