8 kindergarteners are killed and over 20 are injured in China today (May 12, 2010).   Just within the last 30 days, there are over 5 incidents of school violence targeting mostly kindergarten and primary school students.  Most of the violences are committed by males with mental problems or grudges against authorities.  Even the Chinese government has tight control on media report of school violence to prevent copycats, violence against small kids continues.

China’s one-child policy aggravates the pain to the victim’s parents.  The deceased children are likely the only child of the family.

People are demonstrated against these kid-killings.  They put out the banner, “Hero kills corrupted officials! Coward kills kids.”  Some of the killers were embittered by corrupted officials or social injustice and resorted to killing defenseless kids to draw attention.
A banner put in front of a kindergarten even directs any potential killer to goverment office and not their school. 
In terms of Chinese metaphysics, there are some startling coincidences about kid-killing in China.  Current year is Geng-yin (metal-tiger).  Geng-metal is knife or axe.  Yin is part of the Gen trigram (gua) in the 24 mountains.  Gen stands for young kids.  Annual star 6-white metal lands on the east (China).  The whole imagery of a knife over a young kid happens in the east by an older male emerges.
Chinese government has ordered school officials to tighten security in the schools. 

Ken Lai

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