Last October I had written about a Hong Kong real estate developer who markets a 40 storeys buildings as an 88-storeys one by skipping certain “inauspicious floor numbers” (the 4s and 13) and pumping up the auspicious ones (the 8s).  The following link can refresh your memory:

In order to protect the gullible billionaires and wealthy pandas from China (who tend to buy expensive real estates), the Hong Kong Government has just issued the following new law regarding the labeling of floor numbers:
1.  no jumping or skipping of floor numbers (except below)
2.  only floor number with 4, 13 and last digit is 4 can be skipped.

The law will be effective from September 1, 2010.  This means a builder can only legally skip 4th, 13th, 14th or any number ending with 4, but not skipping any number starting with 4.   Therefore, new building with missing 40th to 49th floors will not be seen again after 9/1/2010.  Builders are out of luck to arbitarily skipping bad numbers or adding hot-selling floor numbers.

The number 4 sounds like “death” in Chinese.  Some “smart” masters think they can consider 4 as the academic and romance star used in the Flying Star system.  This may block the negative vibes or phobia– hopefully.

Certain Feng Shui schools use floor number to calculate if a particular floor is “in luck” or matching the magnetic profile of the residents.  An “artificial” floor number probably will not cut it and requires the actual floor number to do the calculation.

Ken Lai

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