I am saddened by the tragic Polish plane crash and have been looking for any metaphysical explanations in the last few days.  I have found some critical info from today’s AP news:

Here are the critical data:
Crash date and time: April 10, 10:56  (9:56 when adjusted for summer time)
Age of pilots:   Capt. Arkadiusz Protasiuk, 36, and the co-pilot as Maj. Robert Grzywna, 36. Also in the cockpit were Ensign Andrzej Michalak, 36, and Lt. Artur Zietek, 31.
Age of President Kaczynski : 60
Number of attempts to land:  5 (crashed on the 5th attempt)

Destination city’s relative direction to Warsaw: Northeast

A quick glance would show Grand Duke probably is involved in this tragedy.  Grand Duke is the “Ruler” of the year according to Chinese metaphysics.  If your age is a multiple of 12, you are “violating” Grand Duke for the year.  Three out of the 4 people (including the pilots) in the cockpit were 36 years old or “violating Grand Duke“.  President kaczynski was 60 and hence also “violating Grand Duke”.  Besides, the plane is flying towards northeast or against the Grand Duke direction of the Tiger year.

If we factor in the traveling time and 5 attemps to land, it was very likely the plane took off  before 9am. The 4-Pillars chart at take-off time was:

YEAR:  GENG-YIN  (metal-wood)

MONTH: GENG-CHEN (metal-earth)
DAY: GENG-YIN (metal-wood)
HOUR: GENG-CHEN (metal-earth)

Besides day and year pillar fu-yin (identical), of this chart shows “battling of metal and wood“.  Metal seemed to have an upperhand in Chen hour.  But when the clock switched to Si hour (9:00- 11:00), the chart looked like this:

YEAR: GENG-YIN (metal-wood)
MONTH: GENG-CHEN (metal-earth)
DAY: GENG-YIN (metal-wood)

Yin is jia-wood or tree.  Si is fire.  Geng is metal or plane.  The plane hit some trees, crashed and burned.  This chart also has a hidden Yin-Si-Shen 3-penalities.  Geng is the main component of Shen-metal.  Yi-Si-Shen 3-Penalties usually involves traffic accidents or injuries/ deaths by metal.

In terms of Qi-Men-Dun-Jia, the northeast direction for April 10, Geng-Chen hour chart has the following components:

Heaven/earth plates: Xin and Wu (fan-yin or fighting here)
8-Gate:  Jing-men (Surprise Gate, metal in nature)
8-Gods:  She (snake, fire in nature)
9-Stars:  Rui/ Qin (earth in nature, fan-yin or fighting here)
Both the time and directions are non-auspicious with an imagery of fire burning metal. 

Since the flight took longer than 2 hours, I have check the QMDJ day chart.  The results are more stunning.

The day chart is full of problems:
1.  9-Stars fu-yin  (energies not moving)
2.  8-Gates fan-yin (energies fighting each other)
3.  9-Stems fu-yin (energies not moving)  
The plane flew towards northeast direction.  Northeast palace has the worst combinations in the whole chart.  It has Si or Death Gate with Geng-metal fu-yin.  The only positive energy left there is the Lead-God Fu which is not powerful enough to neutralize the negative energies.
In terms of QMDJ, the “inauspicious” direction can be changed by flying to Ukraine and stopping-over for 2 or more hours.  This will convert the flight direction from northeast to the south, which is more “manageable” or less inauspicious. 
Finally, I would like to express my condolence to my Polish friends and students.
Ken Lai

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