The combinations of Tiger-snake-monkey (yin-si-shen) and Dog-ox-ram  (xu-chou-wei) are called 3-penalties.  3-penalities (3P) is one of the more serious afflictions in 4-Pillars or Bazi astrology.

With 6 out of 12 branches involving 3-penalties, there is a 50% chance that a year is 3P-prone, like last year’s chou and current year’s yin. (Note: zi-mao is also considered one of the 3Ps).

For people with monkey sign in a tiger (yin) year, it is not difficult to run into a snake (si) luck period or with snake in one of the 3 branches in the natal chart— this combination hits the 3P jackpot!

Natal charts with in-born 3P elements are likely to attract bickering or back-stabbing incidents throughout day-master’s (DM) life. 3P formed with natal chart and luck periods is likely to cause accidents, legal problems, financial losses, sickness, marital breakup and even death. Another characteristic is 3P is likely to jinx DM’s close relatives like parents, spouse and offspring.

While 3P may not be always negative, but it is more likely to be negative. When it is positive or negative? I’ll give you some general ideas here.

What are the differences between tiger-snake-monkey (yin-si-shen) and dog-ox-ram (xu-chou-wei) 3 penalties? Yin-si-shen 3P generally involves “bodily harm” like sickness and accidents. Xu-chou-wei 3P is more into relationship problem, lawsuits, legal problems, bickering, gossiping, backstabbing and etc.

When 3P can be positive to the DM? According to 4P classics, strong DM can handle 3P and weak DM cannot. So this may explain the differences in outcome for people with the same 3P.

There are also “Na-yin 3P” and “Shen-sha 3P” theories to predict outcomes of 3P. These topics hopefully will show up in the advanced version of my Bazi/ 4P courses.

Ken Lai

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