Don’t worry, the Japanese did not bomb Pearl Harbor again (they have done it with Toyota, PS/2 and Nintendos machines many years ago).

By today we have almost 3 weeks of  the year of Tiger. Some of us may already have felt the wrath of Grand Duke Tiger because tiger or yin, offers more opportunities to win or lose in the 4P or Bazi lottery.

Yin (tiger):
1. clashes monkey– aka “clashing Grand Duke”
2. combines with hai (pig) to form wood
3. forms fire-3-unity with wu (horse) and xu (dog)
4. forms very strong wood-3-meeting with mao (rabbit) and chen (dragon)
5. forms 3-penalty with si (snake) and shen (monkey)
6. forms 6-damage with hai (pig)
7. forms 6-harm with si (snake)

I had crushed my middle finger by the door of my car (metal tiger) in the first day of the lunar new year. The clogged blood under my finger-nail looks like a tiger head with mouth open! Fortunately Minnesota is so damn cold that my finger did not feel any pain. Besides, this will prevent me from using that finger to swear at people– may save my life later.

I have also discovered there are quite a few sudden deaths or serious events happened among friends or famous personalities. It is understandable as yin, in terms of luck periods, is the “turning corner” (changing direction from north to east) from winter (hai, zi, chou) to spring (yin, mao, chen). It is a change of season and 4P charts that do not like wood energy will experience major changes.

For people who already have shen and si (from natal and luck pillars), the arrival of yin year will also activate the yin-si-shen 3-penalty. The desirability of the result depends on the favorability of the elements penalized.

Generally speaking, 3-penalty mostly jinxes DM’s close relatives. If the “clashing element” (eg. shen and yin) is in the spouse palace, day-master’s (DM)s spouse or DM itself will suffer either separation, divorce, accident, serious sickness or even death. If the clashing element is in month branch, this could mean sibling/parent may run into serious accident or sickness. Similar logic for year and hour pillar.

3-penalty can be positive under certain conditions.  Examples of a positive 3-penalty would be someone suddenly becomes famous overnight.

There is another scenario that yin can create super misfortune/ fortune for you— I’ll tell you later if I remember. Enough top secrets for a day. Time for a nap.

Ken Lai

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