Tony Chan, the lover of late Nina Wang, had lost the court battle for the control of Wang’s huge estate.

Judge Lam concludes:
1.  Someone had faked Wang’s signature on the 2006 will that will give Chan control on her estate.
2.  Lam has not made any determination if the will is a “Feng Shui will” or not.
3.  Chan and Wang’s relationship is strictly client and Feng Shui practitioner business relationship and that Wang’s intention is to hide the love relationship forever.
4.  Chan had pleasured Wang but Wang will not will her empire to Chan.

So this sounds like a King Solomon type decision to bypass whether Feng Shui works or any supernatural argument.

The focal critical point of the whole battle is the authenticity of the 2006 will.  The issue of “Feng Shui will” and the love relationships are side-tracks. 

Nina Wang had willed her fortune to charity.  So this is a victory for charity!  But Chan’s lawyers said they may appeal.

Tony Chan can be in a tough financial situation as the Hong Kong Tax authority can go after the income tax for the huge amount (almost US$400M)  that Nina Wang had given him.  I think Chan’s original intention for this court battle is to get an out-of-court settlement without going through the court system.

Ken Lai

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