We have more responses in this drive than our previous China Earthquake charity sale. This is a good opportunity for you to collect some karma credits by donating to the Haiti quake victims with desperate needs AND get a correspondence course from us (see below for details).

This special type of good karma credit is especially good for neutralizing misfortunes and bringing blessing to you.However, we can’t give away courses for too long. There are only 6 days left for you to donate to Red Cross and get FREE course from us. ACT NOW!

Thank you for reading this message.

Ken Lai

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Subject: Charity Drive for Haiti Earthquake Victims
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 11:31 PM

Dear Friends,

Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world has suffered a devastating earthquake that killed thousands and left millions of its citizens homeless.

We would like to do our small part in helping these earthquake victims by offering 3 of our correspondence courses for sale.

ALL course fees (minus shipping) will be donated to Haiti earthquake victims via International Red Cross in your honor. Donation acknowledgment in email and/or paper form will be sent directly to you by Red Cross. Tax deduction (if needed) can be arranged. No production cost will be deducted.

Metaphysics learning grounded with good intention will give positive results. This is a rare opportunity to help the victims of Haiti earthquake and learn something that will improve your own life. It is a win-win-win situation for you, us and the quake victims.

Course fee: $599
Descriptions: If you can only afford one date-selection course, this is it!  The course includes numerous methods for instantly selecting auspicious date and directions, without having to learn complicated methods. NEW! 2010 updated version with “Yang Gong Grey-rabbit Classics”– Grandmaster graded date-selection method! (I wish to thank the co-author Master Lee for agreeing with this offer.)

2. “PRACTICAL DOOR FENG SHUI” with 3 hours video
Course fee: $599
Descriptions: The ultimate secret in Feng Shui is: Getting the door done right and everything else will be a snap. This seminar covers multiple approaches to door placement. It is like taking multiple seminars for the price of one!

(NO video, over 340 pages total with 3 manuals: “Astrology”; “Annual Luck Forecasting/ Feng Shui” ,Date and Task Selections” )
Course fee: $499
Descriptions: This home-based class provides some basic QMDJ techniques that are easy to learn and apply, such as astrology, date-selection, task selection and Feng Shui.

For more detailed descriptions of these 3 courses, please click:

PayPal, Visa/MC, Western Union.
(arrangement can be made to donate directly to Red Cross)

1. Free air-mail shipping (a $30 value)
2. A blessed mantra that offer protection from earthquake damage
3. A red talisman that offers protection and blessing

From now till Jan. 31, 2010

CONTACT: kenlai93@yahoo. com

Please donate directly to Red Cross if you are not interested in these courses. Thank you for reading this message.


Ken Lai