Last June I had posted “How to enhance your chance of winning lotto”. Someone has won and sent me 10% commission. A student who had also won suggests me to repost the message as a public service. Here is the link to the article:
Unlike methods that invoke help from deities or spirits/ghosts, this method uses 5-element energies to enhance your money luck. So it is pretty safe. Spiritual or method like “5-ghosts carry money” (non-Feng Shui version) are likely to have unintended consequences or side effects.

If you hit lotto using this method, please send 10% of your winning to your favorite charity. But if you hit the first prize, send the 10% to me (I’ll send 10% to charity)……. :.))

Methods using deities or spirits normally require donation of as much as 50% of the windfall to charity. 50% of any amount is still better than 100% of zero dollar.

Ken Lai

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