People with the same 4P or birth chart may have different destiny because they have:

  1.  different parents, including different socio-economic characteristics
  2. different DNA
  3. different conception time
  4. different conception locations: one may be conceived inside a car whereas the other one in a bedroom (different Feng Shui influences)
  5. different geographic areas:  person who lives in a cold region will do better if his chart is too hot
  6. different birth minutes: one may be born at the beginning of the hour whereas the other one at the end of the hour
  7. different birth environments: one may be born on a ship whereas the other in a hospital 
  8. different birth order: one may be the first born while the other the 4th kid in the family
  9. different names: one may be named “stupid” whereas the other one “smartie”
  10. different Feng Shui environments when growing up
  11. different regional earth luck
  12. different karma credit balance spilled over from previous life times
  13. different social networks: interactions or exchange of energies with different social groups will give rise to different life experience and opportunities and hence different destinies.
  14. free will to make their own choices leading to different outcomes

Ken, how about identical twins born and raise in the same environment yet experience very different life events?”

Good question!  There is a critical reason for that– get it in my class or 4P-bootcamp discussion list.

Ken Lai

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