The annual chart for 2010 is: (top is south, bottom is north)

7   3    5

6   8    1

2   4   9

Annual chart is based on Purple White Method which holds that 1,6, and 9 star locations are auspicious.  When you match it with the palace stars (post-heaven locations), SW location for 2010 will have the 2-5 stars (sickness and death)  combination.  So be very careful with that location– avoid construction and movement and put the metal/coin-solution fix there.


Grand Duke is at yin mountain or NE3– avoid construction or digging.

Sui Po or year-breaker is at shen mountain or SW3– avoid construction or digging.

San Sha or 3-killings are at hai, zi and chou mountains or NW3, N2, NE1– avoid construction or digging.

5-yellow at Kun palace (SW)- avoid construction or digging. and movements.

5-tiger sha at zi, chou and jia mountains or N2, NE1, E1– avoid construction or digging, movements.

Yang nobleman sign for this year  is chou (ox).  Yin nobleman is wei (ram).

You need to do a good date-selection if you need to do construction in  any of the above location (mountains/ palace) or better do it before end of the current year.

People with monkey or tiger zodiac sign should avoid seeing putting corpse in coffin or burial for this year.

Merry X’mas!

Ken Lai

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