Have you ever wondered why people will not talk much to each other when they are face to face but can’t stop talking when they talk on their cell phones?

 Nowadays when you go to any public spaces like supermarkets, bookstores, libraries or anywhere, you are likely running into people who keep talking trivialities on their cell phones loudly, pissing off everyone nearby them.
At least, in big public spaces, one can walk away from the talkers to get some tranquility. But in a closed area like in a flight cabin, bus, or subway, you have nowhere to hide but become captive audience of their boring to death monologues (very often, they do all the talking).
Last year while in Hong Kong, I was in an express bus with a guy talking loudly on his cell phone continuously non-stop. He talked about his workplace rivals and how he will avenge…. simple things that could have done talking in 2 minutes, but he kept repeating the same craps again and again. This was extreme torturing to me and other passengers. So I had invoked my guardian angel, Immortal Wong Tai Sin to help. Within 2 minutes, his line suddenly dropped dead and peace at last for everyone in the bus.  
“Ken, do you do this often?”
No, not that often. Your guardian angel is not your butler. That was the only time I have invoked him for help.  Also it may be a violation of Federal Communication Law…
Ken Lai
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