In Qi-Men-Dun-Jia, there are many “indicators” or imageries seen in the field for almost every aspect of 9-stars, 9-stems, 8-gods and the like. These indicators are material objects, animals, scenes, colors, different walks of life and etc. Many teachers do not place too much attention for these indicators, largely because many of these indicators or imageries are no longer found in modern life and environment.

These indicators are supposedly showing that your QMDJ application is working or in the process of working. Here I choose the two of the Ba-Men (gates) for you to get a feel of it. I have tried my best to “modernize” these indicators to fit current situations. For examples:

XIU-MEN (Living Gate, very auspicious)
When you go through xiu-men, you will see a noble person (high status) at 30 li (about 21 miles) OR see snake, rat or water creatures at 50 li (about 35 miles)

SI-MEN (Death Gate, very inauspicious)
When you go through si-men, you will see a funeral or dead people OR see crying, mourning, patient or prisoner at 20 li (about 14 miles)

For QMDJ, these indicators are “signs” for the particular QMDJ application– i.e. the user will look for these signs if the anticipated results are coming.

On the other hand, Plum Flower Divination (PF) also uses field imageries extensively. Unlike QMDJ, the imageries or signs are not prescribed. The implied meaning of an imagery can override the hexagram predictions generated by Plum Flower Divination. For example, if your client asks about the sickness of his father and you see or hear a funeral hearse passing by (even if you see the hearse on TV at that instant), a PF prediction, regardless of the hexagram generated, will be death for the patient.

For PF, field imageries that are positive will be positive for the prediction most of the time, the opposite is true for negative imageries. “Omen” can dictate the results of PF. So make sure you do not take a negative thinker along to your PF divination session!

For QMDJ, there is almost no value-judgment on the imageries other than as indicators that the QMDJ process is working or not.

Depending on your school and teacher– some insist on the signs must show up or your QMDJ applications will not work. Others do not attach much importance to it.

While QMDJ can also do divination, but it is not easy to master because there are too many formula and techniques to remember. Most people can pick up PF pretty quick and do good divinations in much shorter time and cost less money.

I have shown QMDJ can also do birth chart reading like 4P in my “Imperial QMDJ” seminar and video. But I think 4P does a better job in that aspect.

QMDJ is better and more flexible in date-selection– “everyday is a good day as long as you choose the right direction.” QMDJ date-selection is much easier to learn than traditional date-selection methods. People with knowledge of stem and branches can learn it within an hour with my “Practical Imperial QMDJ” video correspondence course.

Ken Lai

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