In general 4-pillars texts, chen, xu, chou and wei are called “tomb-storages”.  They are derived from the San-He formula (the 12 life-stages):

1. hai-mao-wei: wei is the tomb for wood
2. yin-wu-xu: xu is the tomb for fire
3. shen-zi-chen:  chen is the tomb for water
4. si-you-chou: chou is the tomb for metal

This only explains the “tomb” part of the tomb-storage term.  Where does the “storage” come from?  

Chen-xu-chou- wei are also called “4 storages“.  We use it to check if a person can hold on to his wealth or as the capacity to learn metaphysics.

If you check the formula for 3-meeting (San Hui) formula:
1. yin-mao-chen is wood-3-meeting:  Here chen functions as the storage of wood
2. si-wu-wei is fire-3-meeting: wei functions as the storage of fire
hai-zi-chou is water-3-meeting:  chou functions as the storage of water
shen-you-xu is metal-3-meeting: xu functions as storage of metal

Merging the two above, you can see:
1. Chen is the storage of wood and tomb for water
2. Wei is the storage of fire and tomb for wood
3. Xu is the storage for metal and tomb for fire
4. Chou is the storage for water and tomb for metal

Chen and wei are both the storage of wood. But chen’s energy is based on 3-meeting which is much greater than wei’s wood-3-unity.

In 4P texts, there are vague statements about the clashing of chen-xu-chou-wei as “auspicious” or “good for wealth”. But there are also statements of “doom” when the 4-storages are clashed.

So when is good to clash or when is bad to clash the tomb/storage? It all comes back to ….. (check 4P Bootcamp discussion list).

It can easily take 4 hours to a whole day to discuss chen-xu-chou-wei.

Ken Lai

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