My current luck sucks, ………..”

The last thing people will say is:  “because I’m an ass or I did something bad.”

For Chinese in Taiwan, they are likely to say, “It must be something wrong with my fortune or Feng Shui.  Let me consult a lao-shi. Lao-shi means “teacher”  or “master” in Chinese. People in Hong Kong will pretty much say the same thing, except they call lao-shi as shi-fu.

They luckier ones may have their own steady fortune-teller who is more than likely, also a Feng Shui master.

The master will check the client’s 4-pillar or ZWDS chart and see if the client is in a bad annual or 10-year luck period.  If there is nothing wrong with luck period, the master will suggest checking the Feng Shui of client’s residence.   If there is nothing wrong with client’s house Feng Shui, the master will suggest checking the tomb Feng Shui of client’s deceased close-relatives.

For those who do not have a trusted master, they are likely running  into not-so capable “master” who will mess up their Feng Shui even more — due to their current bad luck!

I have taught some seminars in Mexico in the last few years.  For Mexicans, at least for those that I run into, when faced with  “My current luck sucks, ………..” situation, their likely response will be:

Someone has voodooed me!”

This seems to be a “standard” response from South Americans as even their leaders like Venezuela’s Chavez have their own voodoo guys.

According to them, the “sign” that someone has done witchcraft on you is that your home suddenly has flies flying around.  They will need to find a more powerful voodoo guy to expell the spell on them.

No wonder my “Daoist talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing” course is the most popular course there.  It has a section on protection from voodoo.

Ken Lai

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